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5 Steps to Build Products and Services That Your Customers Will Love?

products and services customers love

Everything that your business is doing or making has a purpose. The purpose is for customers to want to buy the products and services that your business delivers to them.

They will buy them if they like them. They will buy your products and services if they need them.

Your buyers are the heart of your business. They are persons that dictate what you need to do, what you need to change, or what you need to improve.

Without them, you will not survive in the marketplace.

After your customers, the second important thing closely connected with your customers is your products and services. That’s the hard connection between your business and your buyers because, in the end, you can say that you succeed when the products from your business come into the hands of your buyers.

But that’s not enough today. You can’t succeed with that one finished transaction because you will need more transactions, more buying, and more customers. To succeed, your buyers must love your products and services.

Here are some ideas that you will need to include in the development process of your products and services if you want to ensure that your customers will love them.

1. Find a real problem with a real desire for the solution.

Your business needs to solve real problems for your buyers. Think about something that you use and exercise to find out why you use them, why you like them, and what type of problem they solve for you. Then, think about problems that you have, and until today you can’t find a solution for them.

Continue the exercise about problems that are partially solved for you. Probably, you already used something that was not completely a solution to your problems.

Now, you have a big list of possible problems that you have already experienced. It’s time to start thinking through the view of possible buyers. Do they have such a problem? What is the way in which they solve such a problem now? Do they solve them fully? What is their quantity?

products and services your customers will love

What types of questions will lead you to ensure that:

  • There is a market for the possible solution,
  • The market has the desire to solve or improve solving such a problem and
  • The market is big enough to support your business.

2. Offer the solution to those problems.

You can offer your solution when you find the real problem for the real market with enough potential customers that desire to solve such a problem you can offer your solution.

Launching your product as a solution doesn’t mean that you have finished your job as an entrepreneur. You need to follow the situation to see if there is something more you can make or offer to your buyers.

Make sure that they love your products and services.

3. Always customize your products and services to your customer’s needs.

Your buyers will evolve with time. Their needs and their problems will change.

If your products and services don’t fit their new needs, they will probably become forgotten. Because of that, you will need to customize your offer to ensure that it will always fit the customer’s needs.

4. Be close to your customers.

If you want to deliver the right solution for your customers, the solution that they will love, you need to be very close to them. That means you need to be much more than a simple problem solver for them.

Ask them questions, talk to them, and initiate a different conversation that will help you to understand their needs or their real problems. Remember that without them, you can’t make it possible to be a great problem solver for them. And without them inside your new product development process, you can not develop the products and services they want.

5. Listen to them.

As an entrepreneur, one of the most important tasks for you is to listen to them, learn from that listening, and take appropriate actions from what you’ve learned from that listening.

God gave us two ears and one mouth, and we need to use them in direct proportion. You need to remember that the only valid sources of information about possible improvements in your business are your customers.

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