How You Can Measure Business Potential Energy of Your Business Ideas

Business ideas are one of the business elements with the business potential energy. The most difficult task for entrepreneurs is to choose the best business idea from the business ideas pool they generate. Because of that, we can use the measure of the business potential energy of each idea.

This is a simple problem. You can choose a business idea with the largest energy within it. Yes, this will be a simple process if we know what business ideas have the largest energy.

So, now one of the most important questions is how you can measure your company’s potential energy stored into business ideas being analyzed?

First of all, when we want to accomplish some type of measurement, we must decide or determine metrics for that process. The most important metrics related to business ideas are the following metrics:

The importance of the problems that business ideas will solve.

Every business idea must solve some type of problem that exists on the market. Because of that, if the problem is more important for customers then the business idea will have larger business potential energy.

Your entrepreneurial skills to implement that business idea as your business potential energy.

Without skills, you cannot succeed in the implementation of your business idea even your business idea solves an important problem in the market. Why will you start something that you still don’t have the skills, knowledge, and experience to implement? If you have the appropriate entrepreneurial skills to implement your business idea then that business idea will have larger business potential energy.

Market dimension.

Another important metric for a business idea is the dimension of the market. If your business idea is designed to solve problems of the market with 100.000 individuals, then that business idea will have more business potential energy than a business idea for the market with 50.000 potential customers.

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A fourth important metric related to the business idea is competition. Is there big, medium, or low competition on the market? You must answer this question. If there is lower competition then the business idea will have larger energy from ideas that are designed for a market with bigger competition.

Example Using the Selection Process

Now, when you know the basic metrics you can start with measurement. In the table below you can see an example of measuring two different business ideas.

business idea potential energy

From these two business ideas, you will choose Business Idea 1 because it solves bigger market problems and has smaller competition from business idea 2.

Because these four metrics have an influence on the business potential energy of business ideas, you can succeed in measuring the energy only when you convert these words with numbers. This technique rang business potential energy in a span greater or equal to 0 and lower or equal to 1. So, you must evaluate these metrics with numbers in this span. Here are metrics you can use:

metrics to measure business potential energy

Now let’s find the business potential energy of our example with two ideas:

find the business potential energy

As you can see I divide the aggregate of the metrics by 4. This number presents the number of metrics that we used to calculate the business potential energy of the business ideas. If you have 10 business ideas do the calculations for all 10 business ideas and choose one with the largest energy. This will be a very good starting point for your new business.