How to Deal With Angry Customers

How to Deal With Angry Customers

As an entrepreneur, you probably have experience in dealing with angry customers. Sometimes your angry customers are right because of mistakes made by you or your company, but sometimes their irritation is because they are always angry about something or because of other problems they currently have.

How can you deal with the different angry customers?

You probably know that customers are always right. But, in many cases, that can be the wrong approach. Wrong because of you and your time in which you will need to deal with that anger.

1. Listen to Them

Regardless of the type of customer who’s angry with your company, you need to be a good listener before everything else. You need to know why they are irritated and what’s mistakes that they think your business makes.

2. First Analyze Before Decide Anything Else

Don’t decide before you make a good analysis of that angry customers.

You need to ask questions like:

  • How customers contribute to your business?
  • How much income they generate for you?
  • What’s the frequency of their buying habits?
  • Can you improve something about that?

Based on the answers you have to these questions, you can decide about the worthiness of your time to deal with such a customer.

3. It’s Nothing Personal

Sometimes the language of some angry customers can seem very personal to you. But it’s not personal. Whatever your angry customer says or does, don’t take it personally.

You are an entrepreneur with customers who, in most cases, are disappointed by your business processes, not by you or your employees.

4. If it’s Worth Your Time, Ask How You Can Make Him Happy

You don’t want only to satisfy that angry customer. You want to find real problems and try to improve your business processes for the future. The best information can come from these types of customers.

But, you need to be careful, especially for the customer who does not contribute in large for your company. Sometimes they can be ordinary passers that come once and never again to do business with you. Ask yourself whether it is worth your time to find how to make them happy.

5. Put Those Angry Customers on Your Waiting List

When you know the reasons for their irritation, you will need additional analysis to make the right decision. Thanks for the information to those angry customers and tell them that you will call them later.

But, don’t forget to call them back and explain what you have done regarding their anger.

6. Is it Worth Time Dealing With All Angry Customers?

You already know the value for that customer, and you already checked the sources of the problem, now you can easily decide about is worth dealing with them.

7. Call Them Back and Talk About the Problem

When you decide what you need to do, call them back and start talking about the problems. They are probably not so nervous, and the conversation can be more informative and qualitative for you.

You have two possibilities: to apologize or stop your future business with them.

8. Apologize and Promise, or Fire Your Angry Customers

If they are worth it for you, and you find that your business processes are the real reason why they are angry, you can tell them that something like that will never happen again. Apologize and tell them what you have already taken to deal with the problems.

If they are not worth it for you, or their anger is not because of your business mistakes or your analysis means that you lose your time, you can fire them. In such a way, you can increase your productivity by focusing on your most important customers or someone who contributes to your business.