Entrepreneurship: A Role with Many Hats

The Many Role's Hats of an Entrepreneur Uncovered

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to becoming an entrepreneur. Your small business will be more like a small child than you will initially realize. Both require constant feeding and unwavering attention and, moreover, both abound in providing the advantages of high self-esteem and improved confidence. To be a successful investor in yourself, you will don many hats.

Here are six attributes of a flourishing and profit-making entrepreneur.


If the 21st century showed us anything about business, it’s that unethical firms never thrive. Though they earn much originally, the costs of their misgivings and wrongdoings always cause them to lose much more in the end.

To consider your firm an ethical one, it’s critical to give back to the target audience that is already supporting you. In the administration of business, the concept of having a social impact is called corporate social responsibility. You may contribute to philanthropic causes, give back through volunteerism, or commit to charities. Intentional entrepreneurs supply even more to their target market than just their goods and services.

Innovative entrepreneur

A keen entrepreneur wears the hat of an innovator in the realm of researching new product offerings and business goals. You’ll often hear about disruptive innovation in the context of organizations, and for good reason. Innovation can come from many different sources, including:

  • academic partnerships
  • research and development into new technology
  • open innovation contests with prizes
  • venture capitalist modeling
  • innovation labs
  • mergers and aquisitions

By furnishing opportunities to gather the minds of mavericks and subject matter experts around the subject of innovation, the entrepreneur is able to reap the rewards of having the right people in the room.


Self-starting is a primary attribute of successful entrepreneurs. In the aftermath of a global pandemic and a challenging economy, entrepreneurs must have boot-strapping skills to encourage themselves. The days of the brick-and-mortar office are numbered and remote work from home or from anywhere is now the norm. As a result, they must be able to motivate themselves regardless of the situation. Having a strong sense of personal drive is what helps an entrepreneur live and work independently.

Inclusive entrepreneur

Diversity and inclusion is not simply a buzzword in the business world. Instead, as an inclusive entrepreneur, you will find yourself in a room with people smarter than you, which is the best kind of room to be in. It may seem like a risk to hire people who are non-traditional corporate persons, but the benefit of diverse minds is the discovery of diverse ideas from which to choose. An entrepreneur that practices inclusion is a resourceful entrepreneur that can leverage the strengths of others and can ask for help when needed.

Hats of an Entrepreneur


An entrepreneur does not have the luxury of relying on a local market. To receive widespread recognition, they must immediately adopt a globalized mindset that collaborates with others across borders. Globalization helps you access customers from all walks of life and every background. All people have needs at the end of the day. Scaling your business to welcome international customers can look like the following:

  • opening new locations
  • investing in airport advertising
  • partnering with global distributors
  • adapting product features to reflect different cultural norms

Intelligent entrepreneur

Intelligent entrepreneurship starts by running a business with a vision. By having a clear sense of your goals, you are able to convey your vision to others effectively. Furthermore, you see things that others are not able to envision, having the wisdom and foresight to change aspects of your charge at a moment’s notice. Smart entrepreneurs are very interested in the course of artificial intelligence and its impact on businesses as it is a market disruptor that will change the course of events moving forward.


The definition of resilience is your ability to withstand adverse conditions. People that are irrepressible are already on their way to having an entrepreneurial perspective. This is because the world of business can be difficult and unforgiving. Like the rubber ball that returns quickly to its original shape after bouncing along a carpet of concrete, so too does the truly prosperous entrepreneur bounce back after a disappointing setback. The only failure for them is failure to keep striving. The key here is to be able to learn lessons from your mistakes and be flexible.

What does a thriving business look like? It can only be a reflection of the leader spearheading the company. This individual has to have the appearance of multiple talents from vision to flexibility, risk-taking, and creativity.