11 Reasons for Marketing Failure You Need to Escape Right Now

reasons for marketing failure

Marketing is the heart of your business. You need functional marketing if you want to achieve impressive results for your business. Here I want to mention 11 reasons for marketing failure that your small business can make.

Some can see it as an expense, some as a basis for business development, and some as something without businesses can’t survive.

However, the existence of marketing in business does not guarantee results. Statistically, failures are more than successes. But, failures are not something that must be seen as a disappointment. They are the basis for future improvements.

What are the main reasons for marketing failure in small businesses?

Here I would like to answer this question and present some of the main reasons for marketing failure.

1. Lack of marketing as one reason for marketing failure

When something does not exist we cannot measure success. How we will know that something succeeds or fails if we don’t implement anything.

2. Lack of the systematic approach to marketing is one of the biggest reasons for marketing failure

Shifting from one thing to another, without a systematic approach that will show what is taken, what are the results and what should be done to improve can be a reason for marketing failure. You really need systematic approach when it comes to marketing in order to avoid failures in marketing

3. You base your marketing on assumptions, not on the facts

Assumptions, although many business owners use them in business, still represent one of the major reasons for marketing failures. It shouldn’t be based on assumptions, but on research, analysis, contacts, testing, measuring…

experiments to avoid marketing failure

4. You simply copy what your competitors are doing

Although you can get quality information from the competition, yet complete copying without adaptation to the unique value of your business is the possible reason for marketing failure.

5. You totally ignore your competitors

If you don’t copy the competition, it doesn’t mean that you need to completely ignore them. You can find important hidden information in the activities of your competition. So, you need to analyze them and use that information in building your own marketing strategy.

6. You ignore your customers and their needs

Customers are the most reliable sources of information that will tell you what should be done in relation to your marketing efforts. Rejection of customer’s ideas, suggestions or requests is one of the biggest reasons for marketing failure.

7. Implementation without goals

Like everything else in business, it must be based on the goals that will need to be achieved. If you don’t have goals, it is better not to continue with the effort to make something without a goal.

8. You implement different marketing tactics without appropriate marketing strategy

The strategy defines the road that you will need to walk toward your business success. Lack of strategy is one of the reasons for marketing failure.

9. You implement marketing tactics without a marketing plan

The marketing plan takes you through the process of strategy implementation, but also at the same time, it will prepare you for future improvements. Without a clear marketing plan, you will continue to feel lost.

10. You are trying to target everyone

You can’t satisfy everyone. Therefore, the marketing can’t target everyone on the market. The sooner you realize who your ideal customers are it will be better for you and your small business.

11. You are ignoring the online activities

Today is unacceptable to ignore the fact that most people more of their time spend online. You must be there.