5 Reasons to Translate Your Business Website

Translate Your Business Website

Serving the global market is an excellent way to expand your business. Failure to translate your business site means overlooking an extensive part of the market. Localizing your website can help you attract new customers while entering the international market.

Translating your company site and availing its content to new audiences can be rewarding. Here are five reasons to translate your business website.

1. For a wider reach

According to a survey, 76% of online shoppers would rather buy items with information in their native language, while 40% will never purchase from sites in other languages. Translating your website into different languages lets you broaden your audience reach while boosting global brand recognition. Conversing with customers and prospects in a language they understand increases brand awareness and trust. When you target international and multilingual markets, you sustain business growth.

Website translations are crucial for educating prospective customers, employees, partners, or distributors about your company and its offerings. They also help you provide engaging customer experiences by dealing with new clients in the languages they prefer.

2. Improve SEO

Translating your business site into multiple languages creates extra index pages because every translated page is seen as a unique web page. This leads to regular site crawling and indexing by search engines, improving SEO.

Localizing your website lets you target various keywords in varying languages, as every language has unique keywords that customers use during their online searches. When you target such keywords, your site’s ranking in SERPs improves, leading to increased web traffic and more customers.

To optimize your site for different languages, use quality translations when localizing your site and implement local SEO techniques by targeting keywords specific to the region or country where your target audience is. You should also ensure your business website is accessible to users in various countries.

5 Reasons to Translate Your Business Website

3. Boost user experience

User experience involves how people feel when navigating your website. It’s essential for your business because it makes it easier for users to navigate your site, find what they’re looking for, purchase it, and leave. Customers who find it easy to shop from you will return for more, establishing customer loyalty. Translating your website makes it easy for users to interact with your site.

Making it possible for consumers to shop in their language makes them happy and improves their overall experience on your site because they can understand your content. This may result in more sales and improved revenue.

4. Gain a competitive edge

If your competitors are yet to embrace website localization, translating your site can help give your business a competitive edge. It can enable your company to reach new markets while attracting new customers before your competition does, which is excellent for brand awareness and growth. Localizing your site gives your business an advantage over competitors that don’t provide international content.

5. Keep up with the competition

If your competitors are already reaching their audience using their preferred languages, translating your website can help your business become relevant in the market. It’s an excellent way to give your customers and site users more personalized experiences in their languages of choice. This keeps them from abandoning your site for your competitors’ offerings.


Website localization is among the best ways to improve user experience, SEO, web traffic, and revenue while expanding your business. Consider translating your site to reap these benefits.