4 Reasons EHS Software Will Make Your Life Easier

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software has a key place in every workplace. Not only will it help you keep employees safe, assist you in preventing dangerous scenarios, aid you in complying with regulations and give you a hand training employees, but it will also save you money.

EHS software can help your company reduce fines and penalties resulting from not following regulations. It can also help you lower your company’s insurance premiums as it aids your company fully comply with what insurance companies consider satisfactory management practices. And finally, environmental health and safety software will also help increase your management’s productivity as well as enhance the performance of your operations.

1. You will avoid penalties and regulatory fines

Violation of safety regulations by your company can result in penalties and regulatory fines. EHS software enables you to use digitized forms, which means no documentation is ever lost, and you will never be penalized or fined for a missing document. The larger the company, the harder it is to keep up with what needs to be completed and when.

So, besides keeping your documentation in a central location, EHS software will also make sure all documents are submitted by regulatory deadlines.

2. You will lower your insurance premiums

Keep in mind the price of your premium is decided based on the industry your company is in, the built-in risks of the industry, management practices and what needs coverage. Environmental health and safety software guarantees insurance companies will find the operations of your company adequate. Also, premiums will go up if accidents in your company increase. EHS software will help you lower this rate by helping you reduce injuries and accidents by fostering a safety culture.  Since insurance companies are always looking to defend their interests, it’s important to protect yourself from their thorough investigations.

EHS Software

3. The productivity of your management will increase

EHS software can help your management achieve up to 50% more productivity. For example, this software can send automatic reminders, so management doesn’t have to. It also allows management to check documentation quickly. The status of audits and other necessary documentation can be reviewed instantly. Also, environmental health and safety software reports allow management to promptly evaluate which areas in the company they need to focus on to aid in reducing costs and making operations more efficient.

EHS software also saves your company money by assigning audits to on-site employees, reducing the need to travel to these locations. Costs of flights and travel allowances for transportation, gas, and hotel rooms can be significantly lowered. Besides, time spent traveling can now be used to do tasks with a higher value.

4. The operational performance of your company will be enhanced

 Environmental health and safety software will help you reduce water, waste and energy costs. It will help you see what resources are being used, when and how. This data can aid you in identifying where there is excess usage in your company, giving you the opportunity to lower fixed costs.  EHS software also focuses your company’s attention on maintenance, which although put aside many times, is one of the most effortless ways to prevent injuries and reduce costs.

EHS software will point out what items are in dire need of maintenance. And it will also show you how your operational efficiency will improve when these items are taken care of. This results in boosting  motivation to fulfill maintenance tasks. And finally, EHS software also keeps an eye on what maintenance operations must be completed and when to comply with regulatory standards.