The Benefits of Networking With The Government for Boston Business Owners

Benefits of Networking With The Government for Boston Business Owners

Whether you are in the restaurant business or the field of education, you shouldn’t underestimate networking and good relationship with the government. Yes, such a statement can sound shady and morally gray, but we aren’t alluding to anything unethical.

Businesses across the world understand the importance of networking, and in a city known for complex legislation, having contacts in the government can be advantageous.

Boston is an old city, and its political roots often found themselves close to many private companies. From General Motors to various building contractors, many companies have had interesting relationships with Boston’s public officials.

Not all of these relationships may have been appropriate, but there is a reason that these companies sought government influence. In this article, we will look at some of the more ethical ways that your business can enjoy similar benefits as well.

How Does The Process of Networking With The Government Even Begin?

You may be curious to know how you can start developing a networking relationship with the government. Well, there isn’t any one single way. You will have to put in effort on multiple fronts.

You also have to be patient. as progress and development take time when you deal with the government. With that said, here are some great ways to start the process:

Engage in Lobbying

Lobbying is one of the oldest and most common methods that businesses have used to seek influence with the government. Boston has an interesting history with lobbying, but it hasn’t all been morally ambiguous. Boston lobbying firms have helped create many beneficial changes for the city that we now enjoy today.

Boston lobby firms have helped create changes to Boston’s transportation infrastructure, and housing, as well as in areas of health and wellness. Lobbying against smoking by health organizations and the push for mental health programs have all had a lot of success. It makes sense, then, that lobbying in your particular niche can also yield helpful results. 

Support and Contribute to Political Campaigns

This might not be an option for every business, but if you have the means to do so, donations often open up doors. In an ideal world, money should never be able to buy influence. But, like it or not, making donations certainly helps get your foot in the door.

Of course, just because you contribute or show your support for certain politicians, it doesn’t mean you will gain their instant support.

Politicians and government officials are aware that with each contribution they receive, there are hidden expectations attached to it. Nevertheless, supporting politicians and policymakers is one of the many steps you can take to build a relationship with them.

Networking With The Government

What are The Benefits of Having A Good Relationship With The Government?

It is important to remember that a good relationship is simply that. We are not looking at the benefits of bribery or other unethical actions. Boston has had its share of historical corruption, and we don’t want to repeat history.

What we will be exploring, though, are some of the benefits you might gain from a good relationship with the government.

Policy Influence

With a good relationship with the government, you can influence policy in ways that can be beneficial to your business. This can occur by providing input, feedback, and recommendations on proposed legislation. Government officials are likely to consider your insights if you have demonstrated credibility in your respective field.

Often, the government will seek collaboration and input from businesses during the policy development process. If your business knows what it is doing, it is possible to become an authority figure that can then exert influence on upcoming policies.

This is not something that happens overnight, though. It requires a good amount of trust and developing a track record of being a business that offers good counsel.

Regulatory Compliance

With networking and good working relationship with government officials, you can often gain early access to new regulatory information. You also gain some leeway in being able to clarify and ask for guidance on ambiguous requirements.

This doesn’t sound that important but many companies go through a lot of red tape in trying to ensure they are compliant with new rules.

These aspects become even more relevant depending on the type of industry that you are in. The healthcare field, in particular, is known for its ever-changing rules and regulations that pharmaceutical and related industries need to be 100% updated on.

Crisis Management and Advocacy

During times of national crisis, such as natural disasters or public health emergencies, you might be able to receive extra support from the government. This is particularly the case if your business can directly help out in relief efforts.

In such situations, the government often provides businesses they have good relationships with access to resources and extra support. This tends to be in the form of subsidies, contracts, grants, or even a relaxation of interfering regulations.

This is beneficial for both parties. The government makes use of your services while, at the same time, your business is well compensated for its efforts and contributions.


It is always useful to have powerful contacts in the world of business. It doesn’t mean that you will be able to gain unethical advantages. It simply means a smoother and more effective business operation.

Such benefits are possible from being able to circumnavigate bureaucracy, having an open channel of communication, and being able to influence policies to a certain extent.