4 Things Video Marketing Can Do for Your Business

4 Things Video Marketing Can Do for Your Business

Videos have become a popular trend across all online channels. Many digital users prioritize video content as it’s more authentic, engaging, visually appealing, and focused on narrative and story. An average person watches about 84 minutes of videos daily and around 17 hours per week. So, video marketing is must have for all businesses.

Seeing how popular videos have become in modern society, brands now leverage them as digital marketing tools to connect with current and prospective customers. It’s a more effective way to grab a customer’s attention and interest online quickly. Also, people will likely retain more information or content shared in videos than pictures, making them powerful marketing tools.

The types of video marketing include video ads, expert interviews, explainers, demos, live, how-to, events, educational, company culture, customer testimonials, animated, Virtual Reality, and social videos.

Understanding the power of these various video types, let’s delve into four key benefits that video marketing can bring to your business:

1. It Boosts Social Media Engagement

Engagement is a significant element in marketing. If your target audience doesn’t find your content engaging, they’re less likely to form a connection with your business. Fortunately, relevant and authentic videos can boost interactions with your audience. Unlike long texts, videos are easy to consume.

Take, for example, the global beverage brand Coca-Cola. They launched a video marketing campaign called ‘Share a Coke’ where they replaced their logo on bottles with popular names and encouraged people to find bottles with the names of their friends and family. The campaign videos were shared extensively on social media, creating a significant boost in engagement and brand awareness.

And the more the viewers find them interesting and informative, the stronger their affinity becomes for your company.  Interested customers may start inquiring about your products or services in the comment sections or visit your website to begin a purchase process.

Also, video marketing encourages social shares. When people like content, they’re compelled to spread the news to their families, friends and online communities by clicking the share button. These social shares can drive more traffic to your pages and encourage conversions.

Notably, corporate video production should be easy, and it should work. When the production process is well organized, your videos become clear and concise; this is when the strongest connections are made. Therefore, you’d want to partner with a top video production company like Ridge Films. They can help you produce high-quality videos to engage your target audience more personally and cultivate long-term relationships.

2. It Improves SEO

Quality videos generate high traffic to your site. Users who watch your videos on various channels, such as YouTube and Instagram, are more likely to visit your website to learn more. Notably, traffic generation is one of the ranking factors search engines pay close attention to. So, if your domain attracts many regular visitors, search engines can boost your page to the top of their rankings. 

Also, adding video content to your website improves On-page SEO. Ideally, engaging videos increase the time users spend on your site. This more prolonged exposure signals search engines that your website contains high-quality content, and other users conducting similar searches may also be interested. So, they’re more likely to rank your page higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Therefore, ensure you optimize your videos on various platforms for SEO. Below are some video SEO tips to consider:

  • Crafting catchy titles and meta descriptions
  • Link back to your site
  • Add relevant keywords in the title tags and meta descriptions
  • Use video transcripts to make your videos more discoverable by search engines
  • Surround your videos with relevant text to give them some context

Additionally, ensure your videos educate customers. You’d want to create educational videos such as Q&A and demo videos. Such content guides customers during product purchases and addresses their concerns. And when search engines detect that your video content is informative, relevant, and extremely helpful to visitors, you become an authority, boosting your rankings even more.

Video Marketing for Your Business

3. It Boosts Conversions

Videos can positively influence a customer’s purchase decision. Ideally, as customers consume your video content, they’ll likely discover your products or services and learn how they work. And if they demonstrate interest, they can be inclined to purchase them and thus check them out.

Generally, videos deliver valuable information to your target customers. This instils interest in your brand and products, and you can convert them quickly into customers. That’s why it’s vital to add compelling calls to action on your video content to direct potential customers to take the desired action.

4. It Humanizes Your Brand

By creating videos, you put a face to your name. This humanizes your business and makes it more relatable to your target audience. Over time customers will feel closer and more connected to your company. It subsequently builds trust, which is the foundation of conversions and sales.


In this digital era, it’s essential to have a robust digital marketing strategy. It helps you to connect more efficiently with your customer base, communicate information about your products or services, and encourage conversions. Particularly, videos are a powerful marketing tool that can lend a human touch to your enterprise, increase social media engagement, improve SEO, and boost conversions. Therefore, you’d want to harness the power of video marketing to extend the reach of your business.