Your Sales Process: How Much Steps It Have?

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Often times we simply complicate stuff around us, even if it is unnecessary.

Whether it is a habit, previous experience, or something that automatically you take from other processes, a more complicated business process is not something good for businesses, and you should avoid that.

Simplicity, easiness, and speed are what we need today. So, do not complicate it when you don’t need it. You will improve your life and your customer’s life.

Do you have experience ordering something and when there are requirements for additional steps that you should take in the process required by the vendor?

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Your sales process is the success of earlier processes in your business. If someone has already part of this process, this means that the marketing process has finished the job very well. However, just starting the process without the end of it does not guarantee success for the entrepreneur or business.

More steps in the sales process will decrease the number of sales, while fewer steps will generate more sales.

The following graphic explains this point of view.

Sales Steps

Because of that, you will need to analyze your sales process, check how many steps are necessary, and simply cut everything unnecessary steps if you want to close as many sales as possible.