Don’t Forget Mobile Antivirus Software

Most people who work for themselves spend a lot of time on their smartphones. The mobile used to be the thing, but now pretty much everyone has internet access via a smartphone or other device. Sitting at home using a computer is becoming a rare thing for most self-employed people so mobile antivirus software become important.

And of course, it makes sense. You’ve got access to everything you need – email, the internet, your list of phone contacts – all at your fingertips, and on a device that can fit in your pocket.

It’s the kind of self-employment people a generation ago would dream about the possibility of. You can go to the beach on a quiet day, but still, be available to your clients. If anything needs doing urgently, you can just find a quiet spot to work for half an hour, and then go back to the beach.

However, with this freedom, there comes the risk of others trying to profit from your constant online access. Hackers have increased the number of ways and means to infiltrate different phone systems and computer systems, and there is no device that is really immune to the various malware on the web today.

So what you need to do is make sure you have good anti-virus software on every device that you use to connect to the internet. It’s not sufficient to have it on your computer and laptop. You carry just as much sensitive information on your smartphone so it needs internet security installed on it.

Fortunately, it’s as easy to get mobile antivirus as it is for your pc. All types of phone and operating system are covered by the main providers, you just put either the operating system or phone model in to find the compatible product. You can access free antivirus downloads for smartphones, which is a wise idea as you’ll then get to see how user-friendly a programme is and whether it’s easy to navigate on a small screen.

When you have mobile antivirus software on your smartphone, it will scan any new apps for viruses before downloading them. Contact lists and photos can be secured so that they can’t be accessed by a third party. Make sure that the antivirus is updated regularly so that you have the latest virus signatures – as these are being released all the time. Additionally, a user can use VPN security to secure himself from acquiring new cyber threats. Virtual private network encrypts the data and makes it impossible for hackers to steal your data.

Once you have the mobile antivirus software sorted out on your smartphone, you can relax about the potential risk and concentrate on making your business a success.

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