Why Your Business Should Opt for Secure Shredding!

There are lots of reasons why companies require the utilisation of a shredding company. This article reveals why opting for a secure version of this service is such a highly recommended option.

Moreover, it also delves into the things that you should consider when trying to search for a good company to provide this service for you.

There are lots of reasons why secure shredding is highly recommended for any business. The first reason is that it is actually a legal requirement. This law is stated under the Data Protection Act 1998. This act states that a company must keep all information safe at all moments – this includes when it is gathered, as well as when it is stored when it is shared when it is maintained and relevant to this article in particular; when it is disposed of. When the law refers to ‘information’ it means absolutely anything which can be utilised in order to identify an individual – this can be anything from computer records to disks. If a company does not abide by this law then they will end up having to pay fines of anything up to £500,000. This is obviously something which is not desired!

Aside from the legal requirements and the potential fines you could find yourself faced with if you do not opt for a secure version of shredding, it is also important to recognise the severe consequences that could fall upon your business if you fall victim to identity theft. Identity theft is something that is ever-present at the moment and thus it is an issue that needs to be recognised. If you do not shred your information securely then you put yourself, your customers and your employees at serious risk. This is something that can have damning consequences on your business. Your reputation will be tarnished to start with. In addition to this your customers and potential customers will lose trust in your business. Aspects like this are very hard to come back from – especially when considering the economic climate in the UK at present. These are issues that could result in a lot of companies shutting down for good.

When looking for a shredding company you need to make sure that you opt for one of the highest quality. It is crucial to make sure that they have some form of accreditation, such as the BS 15713. Moreover, you should also search online to see whether the company has a good reputation amongst previous customers and businesses. In addition to this, the company should provide you with a certificate of destruction once the service has been complete. And finally, they should also have a highly effective and helpful customer service option whereby people can explain everything to you in thorough detail and advise if you may need it.

All in all, the need for businesses to opt for a shredding service that is secure is something that simply cannot be underestimated. The importance of this is there for all to see. It is also vital to make sure that you opt for a good company as well!

Author’s Bio: Diyana Lobo is a multimedia journalist. She used B & M Secure Shredding as a resource for this article. For further information on secure shredding visit their website.

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