Green Business – Simple Sustainable Practices to Incorporate

Large and small, companies are incorporating sustainable practices into everyday-business life to save the planet — while keeping people and profit in mind. Today, each business wants to become a green business. It’s a fine balance between consumption and reduction, between being aware and going overboard.

In order to save money and reduce our generation’s carbon footprint, what is your business doing to make the world a better place? How green is your business? Can you become a green business?

green - Environment-Friendly Practices at workplace

Decrease Energy Consumption to Become a Green Business

In what ways can your business decrease energy consumption? While some may be able to install solar panels or be completely powered by renewable wind energy, we understand each business is different.

Practice good habits such as turning off all office equipment on nights and weekends, using email instead of faxing documents, and keeping the thermostat at a reasonable temperature. Even if encouraging carpooling is all your business can do to reduce greenhouse gases, do it. Implement a car-pool schedule and provide incentives for employees to participate.

Other energy tips include using ENERGY STAR models, using motion detectors in frequently unoccupied areas such as restrooms and performing regular maintenance checkups on air-conditioning units, water heaters, and lighting fixtures. Plugging air leaks and using shades or blinds can significantly reduce your business’s energy consumption while keeping the office comfortable.

Reduce Waste to Become a Green Business

Conduct a waste audit to determine what is being thrown away that can be part of recycling. Reducing waste will be easier once you discover what excess materials are being thrown out. This could include everyday office waste, personal-use items, broken equipment, or building materials.

To avoid paying millions of dollars for an environmental clean-up supervised by the EPA and managed by an environmental remediation firm, never allow employees to dump excess waste into the ground or bodies of water. When figuring out how to reduce waste, ensure that you are doing it in an environmentally friendly way.

Control Water Usage If You Want to Become a Green Business

Water waste is a problem in America, and something your business can easily reduce. According to the, more than 4.8 billion gallons of water are flushed down toilets each day in the U.S. In order to reduce this waste, consider installing low-flush toilets. You should check the faucets, pipes, and toilets for leaks and each sink faucet should be fitted with an aerator to save water and money. When possible, find ways to reuse gray water, such as watering office plants with wash water.

Start Recycling if You Want to Become a Green Business

When implementing a recycling program, start with the small stuff. After appointing a coordinator to spearhead the program, invite employees to recycle paper, soda cans, and glass bottles. Once the company is comfortable recycling the easy products, add light bulbs, ink cartridges, electronics, and other recyclable items to the list. Make sure you label the bins correctly and have instructions posted so people understand how to participate and why it’s important.

green business doing business

A good way to motivate employee engagement is to publicize progress and offer incentives. To do this, suggests working with sports leagues, entertainment groups, and/or charities.

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