[Video] How Context Shapes Content

Worth Ideas - How Context Shapes Content

Here is a very useful and fun TEDx talk by Rodney Mullen, a successful entrepreneur, and innovator, one of the most influential street skaters in history, a person who has invented most of the skateboarding tricks used today. He talks about ideas and their implementation.

When he was 23, he established new milestones for skateboarding winning not winning only one freestyle competition. Also, he co-founded World Industries, one of the largest skate companies of the 1990s. His focus on researching in his spare time was about open source communities and changing the ordinary into something new.

Skateboarding and Innovation

Probably you think what skateboarding and innovation have in common? But, as you watch this presentation from the start to finish you can learn so many things about innovation. Innovation is everywhere around us. It is something that improves every aspect of our own lives and the lives of millions of people around us. So, don’t underestimate the ability to observe things around you. This will give you many innovative ideas that can transform your own and the lives of your community. Change something, make normal things become new, better things for people around you. Then, you can think about success.

Innovation Process Start With Ideas

In this TED talk, Mullen talks about the process that starts from intuition. Everything starts with your own intuition and the possibility to observe and process in your mind how things are done around you. After that comes the process of converting rough business ideas into clear action steps. Yes, you need clear action steps for each of your idea. The best thing is to note your ideas in the business ideas book. The goal of your actions step is t polish raw ideas into specific products and services that can be used by the customers. It’s up to you, to implement the action steps and start changing the world around you.

I have enjoyed watching this video and thought that you also will enjoy it.