[Infographic] Greatest Struggles of Today’s Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship as a profession is not an easy process. Why do today’s entrepreneurs struggle? You can find answers to why there are many struggles of today’s entrepreneurs in this new infographic from Clarity, an online community of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur's Struggles

We already know that entrepreneurship isn’t easy. But, where we need to focus our attention if we want to build and maintain a successful small business.


Struggles of Today’s Entrepreneurs

Slow sales and unpredictable business conditions are the most challenging struggles of today’s entrepreneurs.

An interesting thing in this infographic is the rising of the struggle when customers not making payments or paying late. It is important and challenging for today’s entrepreneurs to have a great customer retention program if they want to sell more to existing customers, even it is easier than to find brand-new customers.

Another important thing is the time in which business responds to potential leads. Quicker response time means a better conversion rate of leads into customers.

What can you do to escape or in the last case to reduce the effect of these struggles on your entrepreneurial life?

1. Build strong sales systems in your business

If you do not want to struggle with slow sales, you will need a strong sales system that will support different customers retention programs while acquiring more new customers. The system will enable you to sell more to your current customers and attract more new customers.

2. Plan the future of your business

Plan the future of your business if you want to decrease the level of unpredictability around your company. You can’t escape from unpredictability, but you can reduce the effects of unpredictability on your business.

3. Use different systems to motivate quick payments or timely payments

You need to motivate your customers to pay you as quickly as possible.

There are too many things that you as an entrepreneur can make to escape such struggles. What you will make, depend on you and your ability for creative problem-solving. Problems will always be there. But, the solutions are your own responsibility.

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