10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Each Next Week


As an entrepreneur, you will always want to be a more focused entrepreneur? You want to be a more effective entrepreneur. You continuously want to improve yourself and your business. If you want to accomplish goals in these sentences you must be a much more organized entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are persons with a very impressive life. They are problem solvers. They solve internal business problems, but also external market problems. This is not a simple job. If you want to stay on the right way to ask yourself and answer the following ten questions before every next week. They will also help you in ensuring real work-life balance for you.

These are only ten questions that will require only a half hour of your time! Make this as a standard!

1. Is this week your business with better sales than last week?

Answering this type of question you can clearly see the difference from the previous week and act upon those insights.

2. What is the reason because of that positive or negative difference that you discover in the previous question?

If there is a difference between earlier weeks you can think deeply about that difference to find out why they are positive or negative differences. If there is a negative difference, then why you have lower selling results and find the solutions about the reasons transferred to problems for your business. If there are positive differences find the reasons for them and use them in the next weeks. In such a way, you carry out a simple system for continuous improvement in your company.

3. Should I change something from last week?

Everything that you find that have a negative impact on your business, immediately change it. Everything that you try in the previous week and have positive impact make to be used as a standard for the future.

4. What did I learn last week?

Think about what you learn in the previous week from your daily business or personal life. Everything that you learn, use it in the future. Knowledge is one of the most important business elements that increase your entrepreneurial and business potential energy.

5. What are the five most important goals for the next week?

Before each next week, spent 10 minutes about your goals for the week that follow. If you know your goals, you will be more focused on the accomplishment of those goals.

6. What are the five most important things that I need to do in the next week?

When you know your goals for the next week, you can extract the five most important things that you must do next week. This will help you in the accomplishment of your goals. In such a way you are connecting your weekly goals with the most important tasks you must accomplish. So, you ensure the accomplishment of your weekly goals, that will help you to accomplish monthly goals and so on.

7. What are the biggest misses in my last week?

You can not expect and always you will do and achieve everything you want to achieve. Every person can miss something or make a mistake about something. Use it for learning and try to improve yourself and your business.

8. How can I escape mistakes from that type?

Think about how you can escape such mistakes in the future. Make a list of the mistakes and write the reasons why you or your business make these mistakes. For each reason define actions steps you need to take in order to ensure that such mistakes will not be made in the future.

9. What are things that I don’t accomplish from the last week?

You can plan to accomplish too many tasks for the next week, but sometimes you cannot accomplish all of them. Include it in the plans for the next week, don’t ignore them, especially if they are important for you and your business.

10. How can I make my next week funnier?

If you are not having fun and enjoy working for your business, something is wrong. Think about how you can make your business to be enjoyable for you.