Sales Forecast Template – Updated Version

sales forecast template

Forecasting is really complex process in every business. Why complex? Because forecasts are never true and almost always fail. Why?

Can you make sales forecasting that will be as much as possible close to reality?

Back in October 2009, I have published a simple sales forecast template, which can be used for entrepreneurs to better plan their next business activities. Because simply without such forecasting you can’t make your next year’s budget, you can’t know where to be placed your future investments, you can’t know if your business performing according to your plans…

Now, I’ve made an update to the free sales forecast template that was designed and published here on Entrepreneurship in a Box.

The change was in the design and content of the template. That means there are two additional columns:

  • Actual number of customers (number of customers that you have in the year for which you made forecasting) and
  • Actual average sales per customer (average sales in dollars per one customer that you have realized in the year for which you made forecasting).

Why do I add these two columns in the updated version of the sales forecast template?

The answer is simple: better management with the data in the form. Now, you can easily check why something goes wrong and from where your biggest failures are coming from.

Is it your customers? Or the number of average sales? These questions you can easily answer with this updated version of the sales forecast template and make proper changes and improvements.

The changes and improvements that you will make in your business will bring your next forecasting to be as much as possible close to reality. However, it means that you can better manage your future business projects, activities, investments…

You can download the template in their own place: Sales Forecast Template, or directly from here.