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In one of the earlier posts, I wrote about a marketing calendar. A marketing calendar must be part of any successful small business marketing plan, and because of that, I would like to share a marketing calendar template here.

Here, you can download a specific marketing calendar template that you can use to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Simply, it is a twelve-month description, or in some cases other periods of time, a weekly or monthly marketing calendar of everything you plan to do about your marketing efforts and achieve as an entrepreneur in a specific period.

This is one of the most important tools for you.

Marketing Calendar Template

Why is this important for your company?

As we said in that post, the marketing calendar is important because it:

  • helps you measure all your marketing efforts for a specific period of time,
  • helps you track all your marketing costs,
  • helps you to improve your overall marketing efforts and
  • helps you stay focused on what is important for you and your small business.

What contains this marketing calendar template?

The marketing calendar template that you can download in this post contains all the important elements of a marketing calendar that will help you to measure your efforts, track your costs, improve your marketing efforts, and stay focused for the best possible results.

This marketing calendar template is based on twelve columns:

  • Marketing tactic. Here, you need to describe all marketing tactics you plan to use for your business in a specific period.
  • Target market. Different marketing tactics will often be used for different target markets. Here, you need to describe your target market.
  • Budget in $. How much money can you spend on this tactic? How much will that marketing activity cost?
  • From date and To date. For what period of time will you use this tactic?
  • Number of potential customers. How many people will you cover with the specific tactic? Put the number, for example, 100 persons or 1,000.00 persons.
  • Number of acquired customers. One thing is how many people from your target market will be covered with the specific tactic, but another is how many will become your customers. Put the number, for example, 100 persons or 1,000.00 persons.
  • Costs in $. How much money do you really spend on each tactic? One thing is your budget, but in many cases, you will spend more or less than your initially planned budget. This is important for you, especially in the next cycles of your marketing efforts and better budget planning.
  • CLV – Customers Life Time value in $. How much is the worth of each of the customers that you have? This is an important metric when we talk about marketing because it will tell you how much income and profit you will generate in the future on average from one customer.
  • CLV/Costs. This is an additional metric that will quickly tell you whether a specific marketing tactic is successful. If the results from this equation are greater than 1, the specific marketing tactic is successful. But, be careful with this number. You don’t want to spend your time on efforts that will not bring profit to your small business. As a result of the equation, the one means that you will cover the costs, but you will cover the costs for the lifetime of each customer, and in many cases, it can be several years or more. One of the best results in this metric is to receive three or more as a result.
  • Customer Acquisition Costs. How much money does each of the acquired customers cost? This metric can be useful for you and the future improvements of your overall marketing efforts. For example, if you spend $500,00 on Facebook ads and you acquire ten customers for your business, it means that customer acquisition costs for this tactic is $500,00 divided by ten customers, or $50,00 per customer.

With this marketing calendar template, you can measure all the marketing weapons or tactics you use to attract new customers for your small business. On the other hand, you can always improve them because you can easily discover what brings you the desired results and what will need to be excluded in the future.

Download this marketing calendar template from here.

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