Top 6 Audiences That Your Business Image Need to Attract

business image

You will need to build a strong business image for the audiences that you want to attract to your company. Business image is something that has a large business potential energy that can be transformed into the loyal customers for our business.

What is the process to build the best business image?

You want to build an image that will be so powerful that will continuously attract more and more potential customers with a great desire to become your buyers. However, it’s not all about the customers.

You also want to attract other persons that are related to your business somehow. For example, do you want to attract persons with great skills to give them employment? Yes! Do you want to attract mediums that will talk about your business and will increase your visibility? Sure, the answer is yes. Do you want to attract the best suppliers for your business? Do you want to attract people from the government to help you in growing your business? Do you want to attract competitors that will look into your business and will say wow what a business? Probably, on all of these questions, your answer will be YES, I want!

The process to build a strong image for your company will need to help you to attract all entities around your business that will help you in some ways to grow your business.

The mistake that entrepreneurs usually make is that they utilize their business image only to the potential customers and not to the whole potential entities around their businesses. In the following figure are some of the most important audiences that you must attract with your image.

Business Image

6 Groups of Audiences for Your Business Image

Let’s look at all of them one by one.

1. Customers as Audience for Your Business Image

This is the first group of audiences that I usually divide into two categories:

  • Current customers and
  • Potential customers.

Your business image must enable your current customers to come back and buy more from you and only from you. On the other hand, your business image must be so powerful to constantly attract new potential customers for your company. Not only to attract, but to increase their desire to have your products and services or buy from you.

2. Employees as Audience for Your Business Image

A second group of audiences for your business image are employees. This is the most important element after your customers.

Without employees, you don’t have a business. You always want to attract the best employees for your business that will increase your business potential energy. You will always want this for your business.

This group of audiences is also divided into the two categories:

  • Current employees that we want to attract and retain and
  • Potential employees that we want to employ.

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3. Competitors as Audience for Your Business Image

The third group of audiences of your image are competitors. Your competitors will always follow you. All of your business steps and all of your business activities will be followed by your competitors. They will always want to find the ways how you do the business.

So, your business image must  present your business excellence that cannot  be copied easily by them.

4. Suppliers as Audience for Your Business Image

Suppliers are another important group of you business audiences. If you build an excellent business image, then suppliers will want to work with you. You can receive a different type of advantage from this.

For example, you can receive better discounts from your competitors, better payment plans. You can be first that will get their products or services and so on.

The purpose of your business image is to attract two categories of suppliers:

  • Current suppliers for improvements in the relations and
  • Potential suppliers for growing your business.

5. Government as Audience for Your Business Image

The power of government is large and can have very large influence of your small business. They can help you in different ways that you can utilize in growing your small business.

6. Mediums as Audience for Your Business Image

The last and not the least important on this list are mediums. Mediums are the audience that really can help you grow your business with great speed. They can help you to increase your visibility to all previous audiences.

The purpose of your business images is to attract as much as more mediums that will start to talk positively about your business and will spread important messages for your business.

These are not the only audiences that you can use in building powerful business image. But, they are the most important. Think about audiences that you want to obtain with your business image and make a plan how to reach them. After that go straight into actions. Start building your business image that cannot be copied easily from your competitors.