4 Key Questions About Your Total Offer From the Customer’s Perspective

total offer and long-term customer relationship

You must base your offer on customers and the wants and needs of the market, not on your desire as an entrepreneur. You can want what you want, but in most of the cases it is different from what your current and your potential customers want.

Because of that you when you construct your offer, you must start from the real desires of your customers. One important thing that you need to remember is that your offer must include your superior value. One of the biggest mistakes of entrepreneurs is to focus only on their products or services. Yes, the products and services are the part of your offer, but only the part not the total offer.

How you can construct your total offer?

Your total offer must include more things that will be your superior value. Let’s see, from which components you can construct your total offer:

  • Products and/or services. The first component of your total offer is your products and services that you want to sell and products and services that you give as an addition in the form of free gifts or bonuses. This is a combination of the products that are primary products and services plus subcategory as secondary products and services as free shipping, warranty, guaranty, logistics, customer support… Everything that is directly connected with the primary product that your business sell can become a part of this category.
  • Superior Value. This is an additional component of your primary offer that will make a difference between your business, products and services and competitor’s businesses, products and services. Superior value is something that will improve your offer into the eyes of your current and potential customers. They give you their money for the products and services and want to know what is a real value of your products and services for them.
  • Customer’s Perspective. The last part is about customers, or what they want. You will tell them what they want to know as what value they will get from your products and services, what problems they will solve and so on. You must base all previous components on this component because this component is most important component in your offer. If your offer is not based on your customer’s wants and desires, then your two previous categories as products and superior value will not reach their buyer interest for your business.

4 Questions That All Customers Will Ask Themselves

Every customer will ask themselves 4 key questions about your products and services from the customer’s perspective:

  • What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM) It is important for every business to know what their customers needs or desires are. Each potential or current customer when making a buying decision, ask themselves this question. If they find something valuable or useful in your products and services, they will buy them. Your offer must include the most important benefits that they will get when they buy your products and services.
  • What benefits, I will get in exchange for the money? The second question that customers ask themselves is related to money that they must spend to get the benefits from your products or services. Explain the real value of your products and services to enable they easily can convert this value with the money that they will need to pay you.
  • What problems this product and services solve for me? This is another question that is related to the problems that they will solve with the products and services they are buying from you. If the problem is bigger for them, the bigger will be their desire for buying those products that solve such a problem.
  • How does this make my life better or easier? All products or services must have the component of improving the life of customers. This is one of the questions that customers will ask themselves when they need to decide to buy or not.

Think about all four questions, do market research that will give you some of the answers and include it in your offer. Then, after improvement of your total offer you will:

  • Have always great offer to your customers,
  • Know your customers, and
  • Develop your business in the future through your customer’s perspective.