Most Popular on Entrepreneurship in a Box for 2012

It’s end of the year, and I want to check my analytics and see what was the most popular on entrepreneurship in a box in 2012.

The list of post is divided in two groups and is based on the results of 100 most popular posts. In the first group you can find 10 titles collected from the beginning of this blog, and in the second group you can ring 10 titles as most popular, but from this year.

The following list is a list of the most popular post from all time posts this year:

more effective entrepreneurs
  1. Three Types of Managerial Skills. Even if you think that you are not manager, but only entrepreneur, you will need managerial skills. Start building your own managerial skills now, it will help you to better manage and understand your own company.
  2. Resistance to Organizational Change. Each organizational system, that means all type of businesses will need to implement different types of organizational changes initiatives. When we talk about organizational changes, we can’t escape from resistance to change.
  3. Entrepreneurial Success Factors. What are the critical factors that can make an entrepreneur to become a successful entrepreneur? Look at the following entrepreneurial success factors.
  4. 11 Most Important Management Tasks. Managing is one of the most important tasks in your business. You as an entrepreneur will need to manage. Here, you can find 11 most important management tasks.
  5. Competitive Analysis Template. Knowledge received from competitive analysis is the heart of your future steps and building your own successful businesses. You will need to know your competition and how your company actually performs against them if you want to be one step ahead from your competition.
  6. Sales Forecast Template. Sales forecast template is one of the most useful entrepreneurial tools, because many of your future decisions will be based exactly on results of your analysis and sales forecast.
  7. 20 Business Innovation Quotas. Here, you can find 20 different quotas about business innovation, important thing in every small business.
  8. What You Need to Do Next when You Have Your Business Idea. A business idea is important only if you take the next action steps. What you need to do if you want to capitalize on your best business ideas.
  9. Efficiency and Effectiveness Matrix. You need to be efficient, but also an effective entrepreneur if you want to build and grow successful business. Look ate the matrix in this post. It will help you in improving yourself and your business.
  10. 50 Questions to Develop Your Business Idea. This post contains 50 questions that you will need to answer if you want to develop your own business idea. You start with a framework, then brainstorming, selecting and researching.

Most popular post from this year on entrepreneurship in a box:

  1. 12 Mission Statements Worth Checking. Look at these 12 different mission statements of one of the most successful companies in the world.
  2. How to Use Evernote to Improve Your Business? Use this tutorial to start using Evernote as a tool that will help you in your entrepreneurial efforts to improve your business.
  3. Want More Customers? 6 Things Your Customer Wants to Hear From You. If you want more customers for your business, more satisfied customers, you will need to connect your talking style with what your customers really want to hear from you.
  4. Your Business Startup Mindmap. Here is one mind map as a guideline for you to start building your startup company.
  5. Follow These 10 Tips to Increase Your Sale. You will always want to sell more and more of your products and services. Here, you can find ten tips that will help you in your entrepreneurial efforts.
  6. Cause and Effect Analysis to Solve Business Problems. There are various tools to analyze different type of problems. However, one of the most important tools for entrepreneurs is a cause and effect diagram, also known as a fish bone diagram or Ishikawa diagram.
  7. How to Implement Organizational Changes in Your Business? If you want to make your company to be a better business, you’ll need to implement a systematical process in planning and implementing changes. Here, you can find a helpful ten steps that you can use in building a system for the changes in your small business.
  8. 13 Videos Each Entrepreneur Needs to Watch. Watch the videos in this post, and you will learn something more and become better entrepreneur.
  9. How to Chose a Business Idea From the List of Business Ideas? Follow the steps described in this post to select the best possible business idea from your list of business ideas.
  10. 100 Blog Post Ideas for Your Business Blog. If you want to start with blogging for your business, here is the list with 100 post ideas that you can use.

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