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32 Drivers of Organizational Change You Need to Know

organizational changes - drivers of organizational change

Each organizational change has specific reasons why it will need to be implemented in the organizations. Look at the following 32 possible forces of organizational changes, or how they are also called drivers of organizational change.

For more than six years, I worked on my master’s thesis about resistance to organizational change. In the last five years, I have spent a lot of my time researching organizational changes, especially drivers of organizational change, sources, or forces that will cause organizational changes in organizations.

Some experts talk about sources, some of them about forces, and some use the word drivers. But, each of these words represents the thing that will cause an organizational change in an organization.

Here is a list of 32 possible change drivers that I come after several years of researching more than 200 organizational science literature.

I will not describe each of these forces, which will be part of some other posts here on entrepreneurship in a box.

Before I share this list, I would like to mention that this is still in a working version. Because I work on my Ph.D., and this is also part of my main thesis, I’m currently implementing practical research about this list in a small and medium-sized business, which means that it will change the list in the following months.

Let’s go with a list of possible drivers of organizational change.

1. Human resources

2. Customers

3. Changes in legislation

4. Technology development

5. Competitors as one of the drivers of organizational change.

6. Key Performance Indicators

7. Business Growth

8. Globalization

9. International laws, politics, and agreements

10. Management

11. Changes in the world and domestic economy

12. Internal problems in the organization

13. Organizational structure

14. Organizational resources

15. Strategy

16. Change in government politics

17. Organizational reduction

18. Availability of capital

19. Suppliers

20. Social changes

21. Exchange rate as one of the drivers of organizational change.

22. Systems and process in the organization

23. Decreasing discrimination

24. Implementation of new technology

25. The innovation of new products or services

26. Environmental protection

27. Vision, mission, and goals

28. Stakeholders

29. Unemployment rate

30. Trade unions

31. Political changes as a driver for organizational change.

32. Professional associations

To produce this list, I have analyzed more than 400 different drivers of organizational change from more than 200 literature sources. If you think that there is space for something more on the list, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

If you don’t like change, think that the alternative is the only way to disaster.


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