Is Your Business Idea Big Enough?

business idea big enough

Big ideas are the lifeblood of a successful business. All entrepreneurs need them. But, the question is how they can know whether a particular idea is big enough to bring more success to the business?

Is the idea worth implementation? Why do I need to start with this idea instead of that idea?

That’s the questions that will be asked from each entrepreneur before they start with the implementation process.

All of us have many big ideas. Some of them become the reality, but the much larger part of them will never be part of the implementation process.

This is caused by entrepreneurs who use different prioritizing systems of their ideas. But, the main question is how they know that they have big ideas with the potential to change the world?

Let’s look at some of the signals that will tell you that you already have that big idea.

1. Your Idea is Big Enough When You Receive Your First Order

When you receive your first order with your idea integrated into it, you will know that you are on the right way with a particular idea. This is the biggest possible sign that will tell you that you have something into your ideas.

If nobody wants to buy your products or services which are based on your idea, you can’t expect that your idea is enough big to succeed.

2. The Business Idea is Big Enough When You Receive Your First Big Order

But, sometimes one order is not enough to judge your ideas. Your big idea will need to receive enough big first orders.

One order can be one-time order that never will be repeated for the future. For your idea to be a big idea, it will need to generate enough repetitive, but big orders.

big business ideas

3. When Your Customers are Happy From the Results From Your Idea?

You shipped your first shipment with products and services produced by your big idea. But, what’s the real response from the persons who receive that shipment.

Are they happy? Are they smiling when they are using your products and services?

If they are happy, that’s an important signal that your idea is enough big idea that will produce sustainable business for you.

4. Your Business Idea is Big Enough When Your Business Model Become Sustainable Business Model

What is a sustainable business model?

In the simplest form, the sustainable business model will need to generate enough profit for your business in quick time later after you start the company.

The sustainable business model needs to ensure repetitive business for your company without losing your and someone else money.

If your business model succeeds in this, you can say that your idea is big enough to ensure your big success.

Because all of these, you can’t say that you have a big idea only because you think that it is big. You need to test and approve your assumptions. That’s the only way to succeed.