6 Important Questions About Your Right Goals

Your whole entrepreneurial career will be based on setting up right goals and working to achieving them. If you achieve them it will mean success for you.

Because of the importance of your goals, it becomes clear that your business success in large part will be based on setting up your goals. If you have the right goals for your business, and you achieve them, then your business will succeed.

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But, if you have the wrong goals that you can easily achieve, it will not guarantee that your small business will succeed.

Here, I want to present six questions that will help you to set up only the right goals.

1. What does means the right goals for you?

Start by asking yourself about the meaning of the right goals for you and your business. This is important starting point when you want to set up really important goals.

Is something right that will bring more profitability for your business? Is it the right goal to finish some type of project?

Such questions and their answers will lead you to look at your possible goals from different perspectives simply because you want to find and understand what means for you the right goals.

2. Why is this goal important for you?

Next, when you know what’s right for you and your business in terms of your goals, you can simply ask about the importance of each goal for you.

Probably you will already have many goals that you want to achieve, but some of them are more important than others. For each goal define clearly the importance for you.

3. If you achieve it, what you will get?

The purpose of setting up your goals is to achieve them. But, achieving goals has another purpose and it is something that you will get for this process.

Now, when you already know what’s right goals means for you, and you already know why each of your goals is important for you, start thinking about what you will get when you achieve each of your goals.

4. What will be if you don’t achieve it?

One side is what you will get if you achieve your right goals, but another side is what you will lose if you don’t achieve some of your goals.

The entrepreneurial life is not a predictable life. Because of that, it is important for you to think about possible situations where you will find yourself if you don’t achieve some of your goals.

This question will help you to see what you will lose if you don’t achieve your right goals and on the other side you will be aware to become more committed to achieve them if you are not ready for those losses.

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5. Do you have to give up on something in order to achieve that goal?

Often, achieving goals will require you to give up on something.

For example, if you want to focus on your most important project to achieve one of the most important right goals you will need to stop with some of your current projects that are not so important for you.

When you are answering this question simply for each of your goals make a list with all possible give ups that you will need to make.

6. If you put your give-ups and get on the weighing machine, what will be more weighted?

Now, when you know what you will get and from what you will need to give up simply start weighting give-ups and gets.

This answer will give you a clear situation about do you need to focus your attention on the goals that you want to set up. If your newly created right goals bring you more gets instead more give-ups, then you are in the right way.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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