You Are Clear About Your Goals, But What’s Next?

We already have talked about setting up your personal and business goals. But, having goals doesn’t guarantee that you will succeed to achieve your goals.

Simply, you need goals, but they alone can’t help you to become a successful entrepreneur or to manage your business to become a successful business.

The important question when you already have your goals for this year or several next years is what you need to do next if you want to succeed in goals achievement.

Let’s define all next necessary steps for you.

1. Make Clear Deadline

First, you already know that your goals need to be SMART goals that incorporate in themselves time frame that tells you when you will need to achieve them.

But, sometimes this part of your goals is not enough precise for you as an entrepreneur.

For example, you can have a goal 20% increase in your profitability for the next year. Yes, this goal is time-specific, but it’s not enough clear for your next steps. In this goal, you can’t find clearly what is a beginning or end.

Because of that if you want to escape possible procrastination from your side, and implement the sense of urgency for you about achieving your goals, you will need to make a definite deadline for each of your goals with a starting point and end point.

2. What You Need to Do to Achieve Particular Goal

The second step is to make a clear list of activities that you will need to take if you want to achieve your goals.

You will need to brainstorm everything that can be part of your efforts to achieve your goals. Make a list that will visualize what you will need to do.

But, this step can’t be finished at once. Because we talk about brainstorming process, and on the other side goals can be achieved in many ways with many different activities, you will need to come back to your list and add everything you think will help you in your everyday efforts to achieve a particular goal.

3. Make a Plan With All That You Need to Do

Achieving goals will need different activities and projects with different priorities. You need to decide what you need to do as a first thing and what can be implemented later.

achieve your goals

In this step, your job is to group and organizing your earlier defined activities in a logical schedule where you can easily find all your individual tasks.

In such a way, when you already have written goals, and you know what you need to do to achieve those goals and everything documented on a list you will be a more productive entrepreneur.

4. Implement Your Plan if You Want to Achieve Your Goals

You produce plans because you want to implement them. Without implementing your plans about achieving your goals, you can’t expect that you will achieve goals.

In this step, it is time for you to do something. Work on the activities from the plan you already prepared in the previous step.

5. But, It’s Not Enough Only to Start With Implementation

You need to be really committed to your plan. That means you will need to work every day on the activities you already defined in step two and organized in your plan in step three.

Because you already have deadlines for your goals, you can integrate all the activities you need to do in your daily schedules. If you don’t succeed in this, you can’t expect that you will achieve the goals.

6. Goals Achievement Request From You to Don’t Stop, But Keep Moving

And last, but also an important step is to continue your work every day until you achieve your goals.

Don’t stop, keep moving on the way, step by step to the final line that means your goal is achieved.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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