The Complexity of Today’s Employee’s Motivation and What You Can Do

Often times, when entrepreneurs develop their businesses they think only about external elements of their business instead of internal.

They think about current and potential customers. They think about current and potential competitors. Also, they think about current and potential partners. The last on their list is thinking about their team, their employees, or persons that will need to take the burden on their own shoulders…

You may already know that a lot of small businesses struggle to find new ways to bring in revenue. There are so many different ways to make money these days, that it’s hard to see the path to new revenue streams. That’s why I’m going to show you how to create new income streams for your small business. I’ll show you what you need to do to make it happen.

Because of that, we are in a situation where our eyes are constantly focused on customers, competitors, partners… That’s not wrong. At a startup stage, it’s something very important for the success of the business.

But, what about the business and employees, organization, systems …

How to Increase Employee’s Motivation?

Employees are the vital link in the whole chain that ensures everything to be as it should be in your business.

You can plan properly, produce everything as it should, but again you can lose your business because an employee in charge of delivery did not do the job in the right way.

Employee motivation is one of the key elements that ensure the successful operation of the business. But, motivation is more complex than we think or that we understand it.

As your customers have needs and problems for which your business delivers solutions, also your employees have specific needs in order to return value to the company for which they work. They have different needs, different problems, different considerations… It’s something that makes the motivational process very complex.

What About Money Rewards as Motivational Factor?

The question is how you can motivate your employees to ensure their maximum efforts in the development of your business? Can you make this with money?

Money rewards are a really strong motivational factor. But, often we hear that money is not the most important. I can’t say that it is true neither that it’s not true. Why most of the employees transferred from one company to another? If you ask different persons that question you will receive the answer that will tell you in most cases, the real reasons are more money.

However, I believe that all of us already have read something about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; the theory that tells us money is not the only motivational factor. But, again I think that today we can’t base our activities when it comes to motivation on one theory or one practice.

Why Employee’s Motivation is a Complex Thing?

Motivation in today’s company is a much more complex question. Why?

1. Taylor’s Scientific Management as Motivation

The time when we can base motivation on the ideas of Taylor’s scientific management doesn’t exist anymore. Today, people are more complex than in the past. Today’s tasks are more complex than in the past and therefore their standardization in the way as they are standardized in the past is not possible. Today’s performance needed for optimal operation of your business is not the same as in the past and because of that measuring employee’s performance is more and more complex.

2. Money and Motivation

Although people love money, to be honest, still I can’t find a linear relationship between the financial rewards or money and the level of the employee’s motivation. You will need to develop your unique and completely new system that will be flexible enough to apply in different possible situations in your business when it comes to motivation.

employee's motivation and tasks

3. The Need for Mix of Motivational Factors

Today’s and future managerial skills require a mix of motivational techniques that could be implemented in different types of situations, especially when it comes to boring repetitive tasks and creative ones. You can’t base your motivational system only on one technique, you will need the set of techniques that will always be tested for a different situation, on different working places, and on different employees.

This is only a portion of possible thinkings that tell you for the complexity of today’s employee’s motivation. You can’t find one excellent approach to your business. You will need to use many tests if you want to continually improve your motivational system in your business.

Dragan Sutevski

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