9 Tips to Make Your Business Blog More Efficient Weapon

The biggest problem encountered by entrepreneurs when it comes to blogging for business is content creation on one side and quality of the content on the other hand. Your business blog will be more efficient if you succeed to create high-quality content consistently.

Many small business entrepreneurs have already tried with blogging for business, but they quickly quit because they can’t see quick benefits for their business. The biggest question is not how to start blogging for business, but how you can make it the more efficient weapon for your business?

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When we talk about content marketing or blogging for business, we can’t think about them as something that will give us quick results. This process is a long-term process, and you can expect the benefits, not tomorrow, but after several months or next year.

As an entrepreneur, you can use a business blog and make it the best marketing weapon for your business if you start using the following tips.

1. Schedule time for the content creation process.

You need to be aware that blogging for your business will need investments from your side. Even business blogging looks like a free process, the time that you and somebody from your company will need to spend on keeping your business blog live represents a significant investment. Because of that, if you want to succeed with this process, you will need to schedule time for creating and publishing content on your blog.

2. Encourage employees to write for your business blog.

The whole process will be more efficient if you have some help from your employees. Your employees are in the best position to create useful content that will have significant effects on your potential customers.

Because your team members have different case studies directly from your customers, technical knowledge about your products and services and beneficial pieces of advice for your customers, they are the right persons to be part of your content creation process for your business blog.

Building a successful and efficient business blog will need a strategic approach to creating and delivering exceptional content. Use different encouraging incentives that will clearly explain benefits for the employees who will create meaningful content. For example, you can use reward systems for content creators or create content competition where the best results in a specific metric for specific content will be rewarded.

3. Encourage your customers to share their experience with your company on your blog.

You don’t need to depend only on your employees, because your customers can also add additional value to your blogging platform. If you succeed to encourage them to become a part of this process, your potential customers as readers of your business blog will have possibilities to find and read firsthand information about your products and services and delivered customer experience from your side.

4. Allow guest bloggers to write for your business blog.

As your business blog will boost the authority, you will receive more and more request for guest blogging. Why not using gust writers if they can add value to your content. As you can see, your goal is to ensure consistency when it comes to content creation process for your business blog.

5. Build editorial guidelines.

The worst thing is when nobody knows what is expected of him in your content creation initiatives. You can’t expect that you will again receive content from somebody inside or outside your company if you already reject their piece of content for publishing.

With clear editorial guidelines, content contributors will know what will be expected from them, and in the same time, you will ensure continuous creation of a quality content according to standards that are covered in your editorial guidelines.

6. Make a clear commitment to a specific number of posts weekly.

You need to be consistent when it comes to creating and publishing new content for your blog. If you decide to publish once weekly, twice or every day, it is ok, but without commitment for the specific number of post that will need to be published on a weekly basis, you will quickly lose your consistency. Without consistency in creating and publishing meaningful content, the business blog can’t give you the results that it is capable of giving you with consistent creation of quality content.

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7. Make your posts to be short, clear, and to the point.

You don’t need to write a novel, but you will need to write informative, educational, and helpful content for your readers. Always try to create short, clear, and to the main point content that can be quickly consumed from your current and potential customers.

8. Make your posts to be scannable as much as possible.

You can’t expect that today’s readers on the internet will read only the content that your small business creates. They probably already read hundreds of different blogs and news sites. If you want your blog posts to be remembered as something worth reading, you will need to make your posts to be scannable as much as possible, combined with quality information.

Use headings and subheadings, lists and the bullet points, bolded and italicized text to emphasize important things in a specific post. Everywhere where you can, use images or illustrations that can be better perceived by your readers.

9. Use a clear call to action in each of your blog posts.

And, in the end, the most important thing for you and your business. Each blog post will have a specific purpose. Because you invest your time in your business blog, it is normal for you to expect to expand your customer base, to increase sales and income. But, if you don’t use a clear call to action followed with a clear business branding you can’t expect that you will succeed in your intentions.

As you can see, blogging for your business is not an easy task for you and your business team. You need a strategic approach if you want to succeed. But, if you succeed, the benefits for your company will be several times bigger than the costs of the efforts that you will invest in blogging.

Question: Do you have a blog designed specifically for your business? If you have, what’s the biggest challenge for you? If you haven’t yet, tell us your biggest obstacles why you still don’t start with blogging for your business?

Dragan Sutevski

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