How to Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experience Overcoming 7 Obstacles

Extraordinary Customer Experience Overcoming 7 Obstacles

I don’t need to talk about the importance of delivering an extraordinary customer experience. But I need to be honest. It is not a simple task for entrepreneurs, mainly because you will have many obstacles in providing an exceptional customer experience. Here, I will talk about the seven most essential barriers you will need to overcome.

In my own experience, one delivery of extraordinary customer experience will bring you three to five times more customers for your small business. Whenever I put my whole efforts to deliver more than I have promised and more than customers’ expectations are, in the following months, I increase my customer base and my income.

Because of that, all entrepreneurs should put as much effort as possible into delivering an extraordinary experience for their customers.

Benefits of Excellent Customer Experience

Today, we can see the trend where customer interactions are powered by AI-powered chatbots and voicebots. Servion Global Solutions predicted that by 2025 95% of customer interactions would be conducted by AI. So, you need to be careful when it comes to how you will incorporate this new technology into your business processes. It is obvious that this will decrease customer service costs and bring improvement in response time.

Look at some of the benefits that you will receive.

1. Your Customers Will Be More Satisfied

Extraordinary experience will create more satisfied customers for your business. One of your primary job as an entrepreneur is to create happy customers. It is the only imperative to enable long-term success for your small business. Excellent customer experience will generate more satisfied customers.

2. Strong Supporting Community

Extraordinary experience will create a strong supportive community around your business. Happy customers will build an active community who will always support your company. This is the stage that many small business owners want to reach. Extraordinary customer experience will help you to get there.

3. Generate More Customers

Exceptional experience will spread like a virus and create more customers for your business. Everything extraordinary has the potential to spread within a broad base of people because everyone wants to share a great experience with their family, friends, colleagues, and social network palls. The story will spread like a virus.

4. Ensure Business Growth

Extraordinary experience will deliver a significant effect on your business growth. Having satisfied customers and an active community around your business that share their experience with everybody will be the basis for your exponential business growth.

7 Most Important Obstacles for Delivering Extraordinary Experience

But, like everything else, delivering an extraordinary experience is not an easy process, mainly because you will need to pass many obstacles on your way.

Let’s look at the seven most important obstacles you can find when you want to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

1. Fear.

One of the biggest obstacles can be your fear to start delivering what you want to provide. Mistakes are possible, but fear to make a mistake, is not allowed here. You will need to start doing things without fear, and if you make a mistake, you can always apologize, learn something new and improve your current deliverables.

2. Time.

You will always have only 24 hours daily, and you can’t affect this. Many times, entrepreneurs use time as a reason that they can’t deliver what they want to deliver, even if it is not true. The real reason is the fear you have of providing such an experience. Let’s say that time is the biggest obstacle. Still, you can’t escape the fact that you will always have the possibility of organizing your time better and succeeding in delivering what you want to deliver. The number one priority for you as an entrepreneur is to consistently enable your small business to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

delivering extraordinary customer experience

3. Experience.

You can’t become an experienced entrepreneur without starting doing things for your business and delivering a better and better experience for your customers. The experience is a result of doing things. You need to work on continuous improvements in what you deliver to your customers, and experience will come.

4. Persistence.

I have seen many entrepreneurs starting to build exceptional customer experiences. Still, they are not persistent in waiting for when they will feel real benefits for their business. They stop delivering what they deliver. It would be best to be persistent because real success will need time to bring you real benefits. Don’t quit. Improve the things around you.

5. Knowledge.

Many entrepreneurs think they do not have enough knowledge to deliver extraordinary customer experience. But, it is not about knowledge. It is more about how you do essential things in charge of providing a customer experience. But, also today, you can’t allow saying that you don’t know something. Knowledge is everywhere around you, and you will only need to organize it and give them a structure that will help you practice what you have learned.

6. Perfections.

If you want everything to be perfect before delivering value to your customers, you will never deliver something to them. Perfection is one of the biggest obstacles that I have seen in many entrepreneurs and the number one reason why they don’t deliver an extraordinary experience. You need to be good enough only to start providing value, but when you start, you can quickly improve everything and get as close as possible to the perfect.

7. Commitment.

And as the last thing, I want to mention your own and your company’s commitment. I think about committing to work on delivering an extraordinary customer experience. Your commitment to this task will enable your customers to always be your company’s primary focus. Your customers will be someone from whom your company will learn. Also, they will be someone from who your company will derive energy to continue to deliver the best possible experience for them.

You can see that delivering an extraordinary customer experience is important and priority number one for your business. But, you will need to overcome several obstacles if you want to succeed.

Question: What’s your experience in delivering extraordinary customer experiences? Do you discover benefits from it, and what are those benefits?