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4 Steps to Implement “One Thing a Day” Project to Achieve Everything

one thing a day project

This weekend project that I will propose today is to implement “one thing a day” project in your business and your personal life.

Think about what will happen if you complete one important thing every day from your life and your business in the next 30 days.

  • You will not have 30 things less but, also you will not have 60.
  • You will start doing things in a slow but in a continually driving manner.
  • You will become more doer instead of only a thinker.
  • You will improve your personal life but also your business overall.

Let’s look what you need to do to implement this weekend “one thing a day” project for the rest of your life.

Step #1: Create the process that you will use in the implementation of the “one thing a day” project.

You need a process if you want to succeed because only in such a way you can know what you need to do next as a part of this project.

For example, your process can include each weekend to spend 15 minutes in making two different lists each with seven things that you will need to do next week. One list will be for business things and one will be for things that you want to complete in your personal life.

When you create your process think about when you will schedule these activities and how much time you can allocate for them.

Step #2: Start brainstorming possible projects that can be part of your “one thing a day” project.

You need to think about two types of projects one for your business and one for your personal life. Because this weekend you are starting to design changes in your personal and professional life, it is better to brainstorm as much as a possible project that can be included in your “one thing a day” project.

For example, you can choose one of your project to be keeping your computers in an organized and efficient condition for you.

Step #3: Breakdown one of the projects into actionable items.

This means you will need to breakdown one project from your personal life and one project for your business into actionable tasks that you will need to accomplish.

From the previous example, you can have one task from the project about keeping your computers in an organized and efficient condition for you each week to check and clean one folder on your computer.

Step #4: Build a commitment to what you already scheduled for your “one thing a day” project.

And last, but an important thing is your commitment to start doing what you have decided in today’s weekend project. If you are not committed to accomplishing your tasks form “one thing a day” project, you can’t expect results.

Question: Do you have experience in “one thing a day” project in your business or your personal life?

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