6 Signs You Need to Quite With the Realization of Your Vision

realization of your vision

Your vision is one of the most crucial parts of your entrepreneurial journey that put your whole engines on a maximum power to drive you to the so wanted final destination described in your vision. But, what about if you need to quite your vision?

You can have the vision to become a billionaire. But, what if you can’t become a billionaire because of objective reasons?

You already know that you will have many different obstacles on your own journey to realize your vision. Those obstacles can be objective and subjective.

Sometimes you can simply realize that you can’t follow your vision anymore. It means you need to quite and start again with a new vision. But, what are the signs which will tell you that you need to quite with your current vision and start with another one?

Let’s look at some of them.

1. You have a better vision.

When you become sure that your vision is out-of-date and you have a better one it is the right sign that you will need to quite with your current vision. Why losing your time for something wrong when you can work on something that can be much better. How much quickly you quite and start again with your new and better vision it will be better for you.

2. You don’t see yourself in that vision anymore.

Sometimes your vision can become out-of-date if you can’t see yourself anymore in that vision. In your vision, you must be there. Why losing your time if there will not be something for you. Simply quite, and start again.

3. You realize that your skill and talent can’t allow you to realize your vision.

When your own potential can’t allow you to complete the basic requirements for realization of your vision it is the right time to quit. Simply, your skills, experience or talent can’t help you, period.

4. You realize that the timing for your vision is not right.

Sometimes the real timing for the vision is important. Wrong timing means many failures and mistakes from your side. If the time for your vision is not the right time, simply quite.

change your vision

5. You simply feel that you are hurting yourself.

Sometimes working on the realization of your vision will put you in the position where you can’t be enough time with your family and you can’t be enough time with your friends. If the realization of your vision asks too much time investment from your side and you are not sure for the final results it is better to quite.

6. The speed to get to the final destination from your vision is too slow.

Sometimes the speed with which you travel to your final destination defined with your vision can be really slow. If you can’t find accelerators that will increase your speed this can be a sign that you will need to quit.

Why having a vision that will not give you exactly what you want? Sometimes it is better to stop with the realization and start all over again. But, if you can, and in many cases, you can, try to leverage everything that you have already achieved with the previous vision.

Remember that it is not the end of the world, but the new and better beginning for you.

Question: What are your own experience with a vision and their realization?