[Update] Marketing Calendar Template

marketing calendar template

If you want a strategic and systematic approach in your marketing efforts, especially today when there is an endless number of tactics that you can use, then you will need a tool as a marketing calendar. So, here I would like to share an improved marketing calendar template you can use.

Before more than three years, I’ve made a marketing calendar template that you can use for your daily marketing efforts in your small business. But, it was 2009, and many things were changed since then. Because of that, I feel that I must make a change and updates to that first version of the marketing calendar template.

This template is based on the following data:

  • Marketing tactic – Describe all marketing tactics that you want to use.
  • Target market – Describe your target market.
  • Budget in $ – How much money you can spend on each of your marketing tactics?
  • Period of time – When you will use each of the tactics?
  • Potential customers – What is the number of potential customers that you want to reach with each of the marketing tactics?
  • Acquired customers – How many potential customers will become your customers?
  • Costs in $ – How much money you spend after implementation of each marketing tactic in your marketing calendar?
  • CLV – Customers Lifetime Value in $ – What is the worth of each of customers that you have?
  • CLV/Costs – Is the specific marketing tactic successful or not? Do you need to repeat the process with those tactics or not?
  • Customers Acquisition Costs – How much money costs you each of the acquired customers with the tactics used in this marketing calendar template?
Marketing Calendar Template

You can read more about how you can use this marketing calendar template, and you can download it here or on the old place in the post titled as a marketing calendar template here on entrepreneurship in a box.