Motivate Employees as the Weather Lures Them Outdoors

A few times a year, workplace productivity is affected by the season. Productivity at the workplace inevitably trends downward during holidays or when warm weather approaches. Can you motivate employees in order to increase the productivity of your company?

Office managers and CEOs negotiate these distractions with grace and agility and every year bring employees’ eyes back on the prize.

motivate employees - weather

But now, summer is around the corner and the sun calls their names. How are you going to keep them from tuning out work as they gaze out the office windows?


The lag in productivity that comes this time of year presents an opportunity for business owners to show their human side. Chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young, Mark Weinberger, for example, was able to keep employees happy by establishing a relationship by recognizing employees’ individual attitudes, beliefs, and behavior. Keeping them happy, you will also motivate your employees.

Offering public awareness for a piece of writing, a key sale or for being an excellent communicator, will keep them at the top of their game. It will also encourage others to step up and perform to the best of their expertise so they, too, can feel the glory of victory.

Gifts Can Motivate Employees

Offer incentives. Whether it’s a group outing or tickets to a basketball game, gifts are always appreciated. CEOs and office managers can motivate employees by combining work with games. Contests, based on specific performance criteria, are a fun way to get into the mood and allow employees an incentive to work a little harder. The prizes can be gift cards, company apparel or even parking privileges.

Continue to Work to Motivate Your Employees

The guys in information technology can play a key role in the motivation fest. A single Java-based application can be created and shared with all employees across the network. This app can present positive statistics from the company’s balance sheet and a section for employees to post witty comments on how they individually can improve the department’s output for the remainder of 2013. This will make employees interact about a serious subject, knowing that a bonus is involved. The privileges can be won based on cleverness, involvement or/and productivity — your choice.

Baseball Potlucks

The great equalizer in just about every social/work situation is sports and food. Golf, baseball, volleyball — you name it — these events bring out even the most casual of sports fans, especially when they see their home teams on the screen. Potlucks can turn into parties when combined with baseball fans.

Employees get the opportunity to show off culinary skills and get in some good-natured bragging about their favorite teams. This will also increase camaraderie among employees, ultimately increasing production.

Question: Do you have some additional tactics for this purpose? Can you share them with us?

Dragan Sutevski

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