How to Build Total Customer Experience That is Really Remarkable

delivering total customer experience

Your small business will survive only if it has enough customers to buy products and services from you. That’s the fact. But, how you can ensure the survival of your company when the power is in the hands of your customers? One way is to deliver really remarkable total customer experience.

In this post, I want to talk about building remarkable total customer experience in your small business. But, before we proceed with the specific action steps, I like to share one experience on the topic.

One Practical Example for Wrong Total Customer Experience

Before several months, I was working with a client who desperately was trying to ensure the survival of their small business in a startup stage. He was in a position when initial enthusiasm and desire to succeed was totally broken. Something that was started to bring him success and help him to achieve his dreams becomes a really terrible nightmare.

Quickly, after I’ve done some research in his small business processes and talk with several customers, that’s still there, but they are also thinking about the possible replacement I have found that this entrepreneur doesn’t understand something called as total customer experience. He had a great product with all important and required features and benefits for his customers. He also has great marketing materials that work really great when it comes to attracting customers for his business. But, he can’t capitalize on them and grow his business because the attracted customers come several times and simply disappear.

The real problem was the entrepreneurial lack of understanding that total customer experience doesn’t mean only one sale, it’s much more than that.

Here, I want to share some action steps that you will need to implement in your business processes if you’re going to be able to deliver really remarkable total customer experience and enjoy the benefits of growing your small business.

1. Start with an understanding of your current and potential customers.

Before you start delivering something you need to research and study different targeted customers for your small business. It is important that you not start with building processes that will not deliver something that customers will think that it is something really valuable for them.

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2. Deliver extraordinary experience from start to finish.

The start of delivering extraordinary experience is not when you sell something to your customers. It starts long before you release the first sale and last long after your first sale. In this period, you will always need to deliver extraordinary customer’s experience despite the form and the timing of delivering.

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3. Appreciate the value of your customer’s time and money.

Nobody wants to lose their time with you without the proper value as a return of his invested time and money. Appreciate the time and money that your customers spend in your company and make them feel much better in all their interactions with your company. You can use AI-powered chat and voicebots to improve the response time to your customers.

total customer experience

4. Use different incentives to make them come back for more.

How much longer the interaction between your business and your customer last, the longer will be the need to deliver an extraordinary experience for them. On the other side, you will have more and more possibilities to present your superior value and build a better relationship as a part of your total customer experience.


You need to measure your success with delivering total customer experience. The book Total Customer Experience – Building Business through Customer-Centric Measurement and Analytics is great for this purpose.

5. Don’t limit yourself only on products and services, price, design, features, or benefits.

Think about the emotional aspects when you deliver a total customer experience. You need to think about how you can help them to eliminate their fear and how your company can become part of their thoughts, feelings, aspirations, actions, etc.

6. Responsibility for the total customer experience is for everyone in your company.

Put everyone in your company to be responsible for delivering a really remarkable total customer experience.

When we talk about customers and delivering something really exceptional for them as a part of your remarkable total customer experience, we talk about everyone’s responsibility. Usually, you will be at the top of the responsibility pyramid, but all your team members will also need to put all their efforts in these activities. Here, doesn’t exist the possibility for compromise.

7. Improve, Improve, Improve…

Delivering really remarkable customer experience is not something that you can set and forget. It will need continuous improvement because your current and potential customers will also change their needs, problems, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and actions. You will need to work on continuous improvement of everything connected with this subject.


8. When something goes wrong, always turn bad customer experience into extraordinary.

The mistakes are allowed, but you can’t allow passing through mistakes without corrections to turn bad customer experience into extraordinary. That’s your entrepreneurial job, but also it is a job of all members of your small business crew.

You need to understand that delivering really remarkable customer experience is the process. It is not an activity with the start and the finish. Make your business exceptional, relevant, useful, something worth talking about. You will see the difference through the prism of the results of your company.

Question: What is the total customer experience that you deliver to your customers?