Why Starting a Blog Before You Start a Business is an Excellent Strategy

starting a blog before business

The secret to success in starting a blog is to make sure you’re blogging before you start a business. If you’re wondering if you need to start a blog before launching your business, here’s why: it’s one of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business.

As a potential entrepreneur, you know that you have a brilliant idea that will change the world in which we live today. But are your future customers know that your business idea will bring the products or services that will change their lives?

Blogging for your small business is approved as one of the best possible marketing strategies known today. Many small businesses build their path to success exactly by using the blog to increase their visibility in the eyes of their potential customers.

Why Business Blog Before You Start a Business?

Let’s start with an example from my own experience.

For example, last month, I spent one hour daily learning and searching for the possible product I want to buy. I have read many review blogs, watched dozens of movies on YouTube, and checked several websites that sell the products I want to buy. Because none of the sellers ship the products in my country, I am forced to buy from local stores, and I found only one store selling such products in my country. And everything will be OK for that store if I am not already prepared about the products, their different features, and benefits from different manufacturers.

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If I only base my decision on the seller’s website or local store, I will buy something that they will recommend to me, but now I will buy what I have found that will bring me the most benefits. I want to point out that with the different blogs on the web space, we as customers have larger power when it comes to companies where we buy or the precise definition of our own needs.

Today, billions of people, as a first thing when they want to buy something, search on the internet to educate themselves even before they know their actual needs. But, when they become sure about their needs, their buying decision is something that the salespersons can’t easily change.

I want to use the term pre-business blog to indicate blogging before starting the business. Your pre-business blog also can be very effective for the future of your business idea and your future small business. Why?

Reasons Why Starting a Blog Before You Start a Company is an Excellent Strategy

Here are some of the reasons why blogging before starting your business is an excellent strategy.

1. Check your ideas before you invest time and money in them.

So, your idea is brilliant. Why do you not check it first to see if this is true? One way to check your ideas is to talk about them.

You probably already know from traditional schools for entrepreneurship that the recommendation is to talk with several persons that will probably have needs or problems that the products or services resulting from your idea will solve for them.

Blogging for your business is the same. You share your thinking about your ideas and encourage people to comment on them, which will bring you additional knowledge and possible improvement of your initial idea. The best thing is that with your pre-business blog, you can reach a much larger audience for the feedback than any other traditional strategy you can use.

starting blog before startup

2. Your pre-business blog will increase your marketing potential as a part of your business potential energy.

Remember that when you blog about your ideas, you build one of the most powerful marketing weapons for your future small business.

When you start your small business, and when your products and services will be ready to be shipped to your customers, it is more probable that you will reach them more quickly than when you start without anything in your hands.

3. Your pre-business blog will create a larger community around your ideas.

Each small business needs to build its community. I mean about the community that will be ready to buy from you and be ready to share your ideas or your future products and services with their friends. This community will help you when you start with your small business because you will already have the most valuable resource – a large community.

4. Your pre-business blog will help you to focus on the most important features for your products and services.

Yes, this is also true. Blogs are two-way communication tools that will enable valuable feedback from the readers that probably have the problem you want to solve with your business idea.

You can easily find what they want or what they don’t need. You can learn what they will value the most and other things that will help you focus all your entrepreneurial efforts on building something really useful and non-complex. This will also save you hundreds of hours working on things that probably future customers don’t value as much as you think.

5. Your pre-business blog will increase your reputation even before you become an entrepreneur.

Reputation is thinking of other persons about you, your products and services, and your small business overall. Because it is thinking of other persons, you can’t have a large power to influence them. But, also, we cannot say that it is not impossible.

Your pre-business blog is one of the best ways to build your reputation as a reputable person with reputable knowledge about the problems that you will try to solve. Because of that, start blogging as soon as possible before you start your small business, and build carefully your reputation in the field where you want to build your future business.

Question: What are your biggest obstacles to starting your pre-business blog?