6 Advices to Find the Best Answers for Your Questions

Because your entrepreneurial journey will be filled with tons of questions that you will need to answer if you want to succeed with your business, you will need to use the strategic approach in this matters. Here I will talk about finding the right answers to your right questions.

You will have tons of questions about your customers, competition, technology, human resources, legal aspects of your company and many other areas important for you and your small business.

As a first thing you need to ask the right questions, and then you need to have the right answers. How you will know that you are asking the right questions that means most important questions for your business and in the same time you have the right answers that will enable you to make a decision which will bring you success?

Here, I want to share six bits of advice that you can use to find the right questions with most useful answers.

1. Ask questions on specific most important areas for your small business.

You will need to use 80/20 rule when you put your focus on the right questions. Because 20% of most important areas will bring you 80% success, why to lose your focus on 80% unimportant stuff in your small business when you can put all your efforts on rest 20% to bring 80% of success. Because of that, be systematic, be strategic when you think about the most important areas for your small business. As a rule of thumb, there will be always important questions about your customers, competition, human resources, technology, and legislation that can shape your company.

2. Ask questions that will generate discussion.

I have seen many entrepreneurs who have chosen really important areas for asking questions, but when they ask questions about meetings or brainstorming sessions their questions didn’t encourage discussions. Remember that the right answers and most useful answers will result only if there is an open-minded discussion about the topic of the question.

3. Use 5W methodology on all your answers.

Why your answers are such answers? If you want to be sure that you have the right answers of your questions and that they will produce really important decisions about the future of your small business use 5W methodology that means to ask and answer five times why question.

right answers

4. Don’t be afraid to include all your small business team members in finding the right answers.

More people from different positions and different viewpoint have the potential for much better contribution in finding the right answers for your small business. Use the potential of your team members if you want to succeed.

5. Use brainstorming sessions to find the best possible answers.

Brainstorming sessions are really helpful to encourage better discussions and bring on table different viewpoints from different persons in your company. Use them to improve the process of finding the right answers to your questions.

6. Try to base your answers only on facts, not on speculations.

Somebody tells that this will happen. But, is that somebody the real source of information, or it is someone who also hears from somebody else about that. You cannot afford the luxury to base your answer on speculation. Because of that use 5W methodology proposed earlier, and always try to check are your answers based on facts.

Question: How you use questions and answers in your efforts to improve your small business?

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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