4 Affording QuickBooks-based Systems to Control Inventory

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When we talk to software buyers evaluating new inventory management solutions, we’re often asked about systems that can directly integrate with Intuit QuickBooks.

QuickBooks dominates the small and medium-sized business market, and the ability to integrate with it is often make-or-break for buyers. They want advanced inventory tracking, the ability to manage and send sales and purchase orders and forecast supply and demand across multiple locations–while building on its existing QuickBooks technology.

We’ve reviewed the market for buyers, but we wanted to bring particular attention to this need. Software Advice Contributor Marshall Jones recently researched QuickBooks-based inventory management solutions and published his guide on Software Advice in QuickBooks Inventory Management Software: 4 Affordable Systems. The guide compares the features, functionality, and compatibility of four inventory management systems:

In addition, to integrating directly with QuickBooks, these solutions can be more affordable than more feature-rich systems, depending on the buyer’s needs.

To start, the guide breaks down functionality found within each system. Below, we’ve compared the core features of these four solutions, which versions of QuickBooks they support and on which Operating Systems they natively run on.

QuickBooks Inventory Management Systems: Features and Functionality

Of note, all of these systems are able to import and export data to and from QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Inventory Management Features and Functionality

QuickBooks Inventory Management Systems: Supported QuickBooks Versions

Before further evaluating systems, ensure that the version of QuickBooks currently used integrates is compatible with the system you’re researching. For reference, none of the systems reviewed integrate with QuickBooks Online Edition.

QuickBooks Inventory Management Supported Versions

QuickBooks Inventory Management Systems:  Supported Operating Systems

The operating system your business uses may also dictate the inventory management system that is best for you. While all four can run on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS support are limited.

It is important to note that there are workarounds to these limitations. For example, an Apple computer user could utilize a program like Bootcamp or Parallels to run Windows on a Mac.

QuickBooks Inventory Management Supported Operating Systems

For further information on each of these four systems, be sure to read the full guide on Software Advice: QuickBooks Inventory Management Software: 4 Affordable Systems.

Author bioMichael Koploy is a Managing Editor at Software Advice