10 Weekend Projects for You as an Entrepreneur

Many things can be done through your weekends. That things will ask for small-time for your efforts but will help you to improve yourself as an entrepreneur and your business.

Because of that, I have started the weekend projects posts that contain practical and specific action steps to start or plan your next projects at the weekends. You can start with any one of the proposed projects, but it is much better to start implementing them in order from the first one to the last one.

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We already have collected ideas for more than ten-weekend projects. And this is the first post as a collection of the first ten projects from which you can choose one and start implementing from tomorrow.

1. Weekend project #1: Clean your office.

If you try only one day to work in the really clean and better-organized workspace you will never again want to work in your current environment because you will be a more productive and more efficient and effective entrepreneur. The quality of your everyday work will rise with exponential growth. You can not imagine how much time you will save on a daily level if you implement this simple routine in your work life.

2. Weekend project #2: Organize your inbox.

Your entrepreneurial work in large part will depend on work based on your email inbox. One big improvement in your everyday work will be made if you organize your email inbox. A clean inbox will increase your productivity and focus, so you can put your efforts into important things in your small business.

3. Weekend project #3: Become a paperless entrepreneur.

Becoming a paperless entrepreneur will have a big effect on your productivity, will increase the space in which you work, and decrease chaos in your office. This project aims to help you in becoming a more paperless entrepreneur.

4. Weekend project #4: One thing a day project.

Creating habits of completing one important thing each day will help you to start doing things in slow but in a continually driving manner. Becoming a doer instead of a thinker is what makes a difference between a successful and average entrepreneur. This project is something that will help you in doing things for your small business.

5. Weekend project #5: Learn something important for you.

Learning means to learn something new, but something that will be important for your future. Learning will lose importance for you and your business if it is not something that you can use to create the future for your business and your customers. Use this project to build learning habits for you as an entrepreneur.

6. Weekend project #6: Build your marketing calendar for the next month.

Successfully managing all your marketing tactics will require you to use a marketing calendar. This project goal is to help you in building the most effective marketing calendar for your small business.

7. Weekend project #7: Chose several motivational and inspirational books.

This weekend project will help you to find and choose several books that will increase your motivation and inspiration in the next period of time. I don’t tell you to read them all this week, but only to choose and make a plan to read them this month.

8. Weekend project #8: create the one-page strategy.

Your strategy is a document that will map the journey you will need to walk in order to achieve your vision. It will show you everything that you will need to do if you want to come to the finish line. This weekend project aims to help you in creating a one-page strategy for your small business.

9. Weekend project #9: Build networking habits.

Regardless of whether you practice networking online via social media, or offline via contacts in person you will need to be prepared if you want persons with whom you talk as a part of your networking efforts to notice your professionalism. This weekend project will help you in building your own networking habits.

10. Weekend project #10: Increase your business productivity next week.

When we talk about small business productivity we need to talk not only about personal productivity but also about the system’s productivity. Your small business is composed of different systems that enable everything to work as it needs to work. This weekend project is about the system’s productivity in your small business.

Question: Do you have implemented some weekend projects related to your small business? What results you have achieved from that weekend projects?

Dragan Sutevski

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