Foreign Entrepreneurs To Meet Tougher Criteria For Singapore EntrePass

It is widely recognized that forming a business in Singapore is much more desirable overall than business set up in other locations.

Singapore is recognized as the best country to do business with because of the ease of conducting regular business and international business.

There are no dividends or capital gains that new business owners have to work with or suffer from.  Singapore is well known for not only having the best labour force to offer new companies, however, it is also known for providing its employees with the best quality of life in the world.  Having happy employees is a very important aspect of starting a new company.

Among all of these benefits and advantages of company formation in Singapore, there are also challenges that come in to play that make working in Singapore a little more challenging and make new business owners question if Singapore is really the best fit for them and their organization. Lately, the foreign entrepreneurs have been determined to have to meet tougher criteria in order to get approved for Singapore Entrepass.

This makes looking into starting a business in Singapore a more difficult decision.  Previously it was the go-to for many business start-ups and now people are having to weigh out the requirements and criteria for being approved for Singapore Entrepass, and compare it to the benefits and advantages to forming a company in Singapore.

The entrepreneur pass is the final step to being approved to start a business in Singapore and there are now tougher criteria in order for people to get approved for starting a new company in Singapore. The first part of the Singapore Entrepass approval is to get support from a Singapore Government agency.  You will need to work with the Singapore Government agency in order to progress with your ambitions of starting a company in Singapore.

Next, you will need to hold a nationally recognized proprietary or licensed IP, or intellectual property. You will need to have proof of the unique and original nature of your business plan and organization information in order to become incorporated in Singapore.  This is much like the detailing of a business plan; however, there are specific documents that you will need to fill out in order to accurately and appropriately declare and detail your company’s intellectual property.

Next, you will need to have completed research and collaboration with a well respected and recognized institution.  An example of a well respected and recognized institution that you can do acceptable research and collaboration with is A*STAR, or a local tertiary institution.

The next big part of getting approval for an entrepreneur pass is to get an incubatee at a government-sanctioned incubator.

Finally, you will need to get funding from a third party venture capitalist or business agency.  This will provide you with all of the necessities for getting approved for Singapore Entrepass.

If you are looking into incorporating your organization in Singapore, you will need to make sure that you have worked through all of the steps to get approved for Singapore Entrepass.

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