Entrepreneurs: Boost Your Productivity with the Best Mobile Apps

best mobile apps for productivity

There are plenty of books telling you how to be a more successful entrepreneur, from launching a startup in seven days to becoming a more charismatic communicator. What about productivity? What are the best mobile apps to boost your productivity?

Ah, if only a good manual existed to tell you how to manage your own productivity well enough so you had time to read all that advice.

Of course, there are plenty of authors doling out advice on productivity as well. But why not cut past the advice and get down to action with a smartphone app designed to boost your productivity. Here are the five top choices for doing just that.


There’s a reason Dropbox is often one of the most-cited productivity apps. It’s extremely versatile! A couple of years ago, MacWorld.com asked its readers to tell them how they used Dropbox and the site received more than 250 unique ways, many of which were applicable whether you’re using an iOS and Android devices. Uses include everything from saving work documents all in one place to transferring large images.

This cloud-based app allows you to take your docs, photos and videos anywhere and share them across all devices. Dropbox is available as a free app for individual users, but also has pricing plans for businesses.


Just as popular as Dropbox, Evernote is another favourite of entrepreneurs. This free mobile app is available for Blackberry, Android, and iOS platforms. The basic beauty of Evernote is that it allows you to keep all your notes, web clips, files and images organized and available across every device and computer you use. It even includes a web clipper that allows you to save entire web pages. Evernote will also allow users to easily collaborate and share with colleagues or organize their next business trip. Small business expert Melinda Emerson, the author of “Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months,” has identified Evernote as the app small business owners most often say they cannot do without.

News Republic

This free news aggregator mobile app for Blackberry users can be an invaluable tool for busy entrepreneurs who find themselves short on time to comb through multiple media sites, looking for the latest headlines that impact their businesses.

Similar to the popular Pulse app available for iOS and Android, this Blackberry app also allows users to easily share stories via social media, text messages or email. The News Republic allows users to customize a home screen with news feeds of their choice ranging from world news to industry trends to sports.


Available for Blackberry, Android and iOS platforms, Tripit helps entrepreneurs organize every part of their business trip by uploading and storing all travel information —including air, hotel and rental car. The app even provides information on directions and mileage. The Tripit Pro is $49 per year and is a must have for any entrepreneur attending business meetings or summits.


Rather than crumpled paper receipts tumbling from briefcases, wallets and glove boxes, this free app allows bustling entrepreneurs avoid that stress — and mess — and sync all credit card transactions by scanning receipts with their phone’s camera. It can also track trip mileage and provide reports of all business expenditures. Data reports are also compatible with QuickBooks and Google Docs and can be shared effortlessly with other users. The app is available for Blackberry, as well as iOS, Android and Windows platforms.