The Importance of Google+ for Businesses

Let’s be frank: Facebook isn’t very business-friendly. In fact, it’s not very anything-friendly. Oh sure, if you’re a multi-billion dollar corporation, Facebook has your back. Here is why Google+ for business is important for your business.

If you run a shop on Etsy and you have to scrimp and save to put an advertising budget together in order to promote your posts, well, then Facebook could be treating you a lot better. We’re bringing this up not to bash Facebook, but to point out that some of their policies are the antithesis of what you want as a marketer.

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Google+ for business may be your preferred option. The big problem with Facebook is that it limits your influence. First, it cuts you off at 5,000 friends, notes Search Engine Journal. That’s not a bad idea for a website that was initially intended to connect you with your offline friends, but it just doesn’t work for businesses. Secondly, the company actually limits how many of those friends and subscribers can see your posts. That new video game your studio just released? Yeah, your friends can’t see the announcement on Facebook until you pay to have that post promoted.

Google+ is simply friendlier towards those who need to have a wide reach for any reason. Here are a few of the more obvious advantages:

Targeted Sharing

Facebook wants to decide for you who sees your posts. With Google+ Circles, you get to decide. The fact is that not all content is perfect for everyone. Suppose you’re a comedian and you use Google+ to let your fans know when you’re going to be doing a show.

You don’t need your family to see it every time you post an off-color joke, you need your fans to see it. If you run a furniture store, then you don’t need your suppliers to see the same updates as your customers. By letting you know who you’re talking to and craft a message specifically for them, Google+ simply shows a better understanding of how and why we use social media.


On Facebook, you actually have to select the option to make a post public in the first place. Twitter is a little more accessible, letting anyone read your posts. Google+, however, is directly tied in with the search engine.

Here’s how it works: Suppose you run a store that sells many things, including garden rakes. Now someone who is in your Circle does a Google search for garden rakes. Since you’re connected with them on Google+, one of the top results is your website. Google is making social media and searches better for both business owners and customers.

Your Customers Are Already Using Google+

Let’s be honest, there’s really only one major reason to jump to Google+. When you put your business out there, you need to have a pragmatic approach. This is why we design with mobile in mind, because, mobile traffic makes up about 15% of all Web traffic. Likewise, your customers are using Google+, your competitors are using Google+, and Google is using Google+. Twitter you can take or leave. Facebook you can take or leave. MySpace you can take or leave, but Google+ is growing into a cornerstone of the modern marketplace.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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