Here is How You Can Show Benefits Instead of Features

Some of the mistakes that entrepreneurs make in their marketing efforts are when they focus on showing only the features of their products and services and features of their business.

However, potential customers don’t want to know the features they want to know about the benefits that they will gain from your business. So, you will need to show benefits instead of features.

In reality, people don’t care what you or your company do. The only thing that they care about is what you can do for them. Benefits are simply answering the question: What’s In It For Me?

Here is a list of some basic steps that you must accomplish to extract the benefits from the list of features that you already have.

1. Know Your Customers

Knowledge of your customers will need to be in your primary focus as an entrepreneur. This knowledge is essential for your business success. Research your current and potential customers. Find as much as possible more information about their habits, desires, and problems. Talk with them about what they want, and what they desire. You can use different surveys to get this knowledge. They are great, and you must use them on a regular basis.

2. Be Your Potential Customers for One Moment

When you know your current and prospective customers, you can use their position and point of view. Start asking yourself these questions:

  • What is something that I want?
  • For what I am starving?
  • What are my problems?
  • How can I solve these problems with my products and services?
  • What’s in it for me?
show benefits instead of features

2. Extract All Benefits from Features

Each feature has some benefits for potential customers. The main difference between feature and benefit is the way of expressing things. One feature can have more benefits for one or more customers. Sometimes one feature can have benefits for some people and on other hands do not have benefits for another. Because of

One feature can have more benefits for one or more customers. Sometimes one feature can have benefits for some people and on other hands to not have benefits for another. Because of that, it is important to know what features for what type of individuals give benefits. When you know this, you can include these findings in your marketing weapons to improve your marketing campaigns. Here are some useful bits of advice on how you can extract benefits from features:

  • Make a list of all features that have your products, services, and your business.
  • Make a table with three columns. In the first column put all features, in the second column write all benefits and in the third column place associated people with that benefits.
  • Brainstorm all benefits for each feature and place the people associated with that benefits.

The business is more about them, not about you. Too many marketing campaigns start with:

  • Our business will …
  • We will …
  • Our products…
  • We offer …

Think about this instead of previous:

  • You will get …
  • Your costs will decrease …
  • You will save …

3. Rank All Benefits According to Their Importance to Your Potential Customers

Your business, your products, and your services probably have dozens of features and benefits. But, some benefits are more important than other. Some benefits are important for some type of customers and unimportant for another. Because of that, you must rank the benefits based on their importance for the different type of customers or different market segment. In such a way, you will prepare a list of the most significant benefits that you will express in various marketing campaigns for multiple market segments that you target for your business.

4. Explain Narrative Your Most Important Benefits

One thing in this process that is often forgotten is the way of communication of benefits with the potential customers. Because of that, my recommendation is to make several narrative explanations for the most important benefits from the previous step. Some of these explanations will work well, but some of them will not give you the desired results. Your task as an entrepreneur is to measure and change the look and feel of this narrative explanation that will be included in your marketing campaigns.

5. Use the Benefits Instead of Features with an Eye on Results

This is the last step in this process. Now you already have developed all the most significant benefits with several variations for communication purpose, and you can start using them in your all marketing campaigns in the future. However, this is a never-ending step because you must keep an eye on the results and make adjustments if there is a need for changes in some of the previous steps.

Use these five steps to extract all important benefits, and start showing benefits instead of features to your customers.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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