6 Questions To Build Excellent Hiring Process

6 Questions To Build Excellent Hiring Process

The growth of your small business will depend on the small business team that you will build as an entrepreneur. Building the winning team will require you to have an excellent hiring process in your company, and the success of this process will shape the success of your whole company.

But, the question is how you can build the best possible hiring process that will not tolerate mistakes? I am stressing zero tolerance for mistakes because mistakes from the hiring process will cost you too much. If you are allowed to make a mistake in other processes as a part of your entrepreneurial learning experience when you hire you don’t have too much space for mistakes.

Here, I want to talk a little bit about six important questions that you will need to think about when you want to build your own hiring process in your small business.

1. Do I Really Need to Hire?

Yes, the first question is here to encourage you to think about the real needs that you have when it comes to the hiring process.

Do you really need to hire?

Or, the better is to start asking yourself do you really need to hire a specific person for specific tasks.

Many times I have seen entrepreneurs making a mistake when it comes to this question. Simply, they hire because they want to help someone from their family, they want to include to their business team their friends, and so on.

But, what about their business? Is their business require someone?

Hiring because of hiring isn’t something that will add value to your business, and the hiring process is something that will need to enable more value to your company.

mistakes in hiring process

2. What I Really Need From Hiring Process?

The next question is about your needs as an entrepreneur and the needs of your small business.

What do you really need from this process?

Is it additional knowledge about specific tasks?

Is it a specific skill about the specific task?

Is it experience with specific tasks?

You need to be clear with yourself about your real needs as an entrepreneur and before you start building your hiring process to know what you really need today and what you will need tomorrow as knowledge, skills, and experience.

3. Where I Will Search Hiring Candidates?

The third question is about places where you will search for the best possible hiring candidates for your business.

Because you already know what you need for your small business, in this step your task is to define as many as possible places where ideal candidates will be.

Can you find them at the universities?

Or, they can be found at your competitors?

What about hiring agencies? Can they help you?

Think about this question, and include the answers in your hiring process. But, be sure that the places where you will search for hiring candidates will give you the most ideal options for your company.

4. What Personal and Professional Characteristics I Will Appreciate the Most?

This question will require you to include the candidate’s personal and professional characteristics that you will appreciate the most in your hiring process.

Even this is something highly related to the specific job or tasks that the hired person from your hiring process will need to accomplish, still, you will need to include this into your process.

It is important to have a systematic approach to what you will want from the persons you want to hire.

5. How does Will look Like Your Hiring Process?

Now, when you already know what you will need from the hiring process, where you will search hiring candidates, and what you will look for in them, you can simply start drawing your hiring process.

  • What will be the start of the process?
  • What will be the end result of the process?
  • Or, what elements will be included in the process?

These are important questions when you are working on the design of your hiring process. Remember that you are building the system that will support the growth of your business in the future.

6. How I Will Measure the Performance and Improve My Process?

The next question is about the performance of your newly created hiring process. It is important to have a process that will include the self-improvement element inside the process.

How you will know that your process gives the results that you really want from it?

What you will expect from a hired person?

How you will follow and measure the results achieved from the hired person as an output of your hiring process?

How you can correct mistakes if there are any of them?

You need to think about these questions and be sure that your hiring process will include answers to them.

When your process will have the answers, you can include the improvement procedures in it.

Hiring Process of Successful Startup

As a startup entrepreneur, you will need to hire people that will be part of your startup team. The success of your startup in large will be based on the success of your startup team. Here is an excellent video describing some hiring startup processes of successful startups from OnlineMBA. It’s worth spending less than two minutes.