10 Times You Need to Say No to Increase Productivity

say no for better productivity

Saying no is important like saying yes on many things on your entrepreneurial journey. Sometimes you will simply need to say no on many things if you want to stay on top of your productivity and to continue doing things that matter to you and your small business.

When do you need to say no? An important question for which you as an entrepreneur will need to have a proper answer or answers.

Here are some of the possible things for which you can always say no presented in the list of ten.

1. When you don’t want to work on something you have always an option to say no.

It is so true. Why do you need to pressure yourself to work on something that you simply don’t like to work? Say no, and save yourself and save the quality of the work that will need to be done on that something.

2. When you think it doesn’t make sense for you. Many times different work will don’t make sense for you.

Do you really need to lose your time on such a work? Think about it, and save a large amount of your entrepreneurial time that can be used on something really important for you and your business.

3. When you know that it is not your priority, but someone else’s priority.

What is your priority? You probably already have experience with the received email with the subject line contains important. But, they aren’t important for you they are important for the sender. Think about things that you are doing on an everyday level that isn’t important for you, but for someone else. You can always say no for this type of work.

4. You need to say no on everything that simply sucks your time.

If you analyze your daily working routine, you can discover many different things around you that simply hack your time. These things are tools, persons, activities, and everything else that simply distract you from your important work. They are here to take your attention from important things that you work and put it on them. On such things, you can always say no, because they aren’t something that adds value for you or for your small business.

say no

5. When it isn’t on your today’s to-do list? Why you have your daily to-do list if you don’t use it?

Everything that isn’t on your daily to-do list can be part of things that you can simply say no. If you really want to do such things, it is better to put them on your waiting list or on your tomorrow to-do list.

As a productive entrepreneur, you have already divided your day into several parts in which you are doing only specific tasks. For everything that isn’t something that can be done in a specific part of the day as a part of your own organizational efforts, you can simply say no and put it on the list to be done when it can be done according to your own rules.

7. When you don’t have enough time to bring the best of you in doing it.

Sometimes you simply don’t have time to do the best work that is asked from you for the specific time. In such cases, it is better to postpone such a work in order to escape the law quality of the work.

8. When you are tired.

I know that we want to push ourselves to work in order to finish every task, but when we are really tired the quality of our work can suffer. Simply, when you are feeling tired, say no to work, and come back to work after you have rested.

9. When you have many other important things to do.

Today’s way of working seems that everything is important. But, you need to understand that always there will be something more important that will need to be done immediately, and everything else can wait. Because of that say no to things that are not so much important for doing it immediately in the given moment of time.

10. When it can be done from someone else as a part of your small business team.

You are an entrepreneur, person who runs a business and manage different team members to accomplish different everyday projects and tasks. So, you need to delegate staff if you want to have a time for the most important things in your company and time for yourself. Say no to things that you can delegate to your team members and increase your own productivity.