Why Developing a Distinctive Logo is Crucial for Your Business

developing a distinctive logo

Why developing a distinctive logo is crucial for your small business? Cast an eye over the world’s biggest brands and you’ll find yourself glancing at an array of distinctive logos.

From Nike’s simple tick to Coca Cola’s distinctive typeface, these graphics creations have helped businesses make their billions, building brands that have become part of our everyday lives.

Despite this, some small business owners neglect this aspect of their branding, unaware of the considerable importance that a distinctive logo can play. When there’s an abundance of issues to worry about like paying bills and winning business, things like logo design can become less of a priority, something to worry about when you’ve got a little more time to spare.

Coming from a design background I’d argue developing a distinctive logo ought to take precedence. Here are some of the reasons why I think every business should develop one…

They make your business unique

In a business environment that’s cluttered and filled with businesses vying for attention, there’s little else that can help a company stand out better than a good logo.

Take the company I currently work for, Crunch, an online accountancy firm. Our logo breaks the conventions followed by the traditional accountants out there, incorporating a fun, colorful graphics element that sets us apart.

Offering a service that differed to traditional accountants we needed to ensure that we illustrated this to the customer – developing a distinctive logo one of the best ways to do so.

They give your business a face

‘A face tells a thousand stories’ is a phrase you’ve probably heard, and just as the face reflects a person a logo can do that for a business, providing an image and appeal that few other branding tools can provide.

Like a familiar face can be become reassuring, a company logo can, too, solidifying brand loyalty and ensuring that customers keep on coming back. When I feel a little homesick abroad I always seek out the Guinness logo, that normally leads to an Irish bar where I can enjoy my favorite tipple, surrounded by familiar accents.

Get your logo right, and you can attract repeat custom, too.

They make your business more memorable

According to the experts our brains tend to store visual data better than they do names, so it stands to reason that a logo ought to make your business that little bit more memorable.

Backed up by an excellent product your logo will exude excellent connotations, customers and clients reminded of your brilliance whenever they see its image. As such, this ought to assist you in the searching for further sales. Customers ought to bring more business when they come across your image.

You needn’t spend a fortune on creating a logo either. If you can’t afford an expensive agency then you needn’t fret just yet, as one of the best was created by a student, so you clearly can create on a budget. Just be sure to check your designs thoroughly so you don’t end up with anything bad for your company.