5 Layers to Build a Successful Business Blog

successful business blog

Blogging for business purposes is a marketing strategy that you must include in your small business marketing plan or marketing calendar. There are more and more entrepreneurs that find this strategy as something very successful for their business. Some small businesses base all their marketing activities on and around their business blog. Here I will explain how you can build a successful business blog.

What is a Successful Business Blog?

This question many entrepreneurs ask and try to find answers to. Before everything, you must know what can be a successful business blog. A successful business blog is a blog that achieves all objectives you establish for your online business presence. What do you want to achieve with your blog? If you achieve the objectives you want to achieve, then you can tell that your business blog is successful.

Every day on the webspace appears hundreds or thousands of new business blogs. Some of them are static web pages, and some of them are a combination of static web pages, and blogs,s and some of them are like blog posts. Some business blogs are very successful business blogs, and some of them are average.

All businesses have different blogs for business purposes. However, there are some layers on which every business blog must be developed.

Layers for Successful Business Blog

To build a successful blog you must create it on the five layers, starting from first to the fifth, the last layer.

Successful Business Blog Layers

Layer 1: Your Business Blog Objectives

The first layer on which you need to base your business blog is the objectives that the blog must achieve. This is an important layer because all other layers will be based on these objectives. In the Online Objectives for Marketing Your Business we separate two different objectives:

Primary Objectives:

  1. Brand Building.
  2. Advertising.
  3. Selling.
  4. Provide product or services information.
  5. Provide business information.
  6. Also, provide customer service and support.
  7. To Improve Interaction with Current and Potential Customers.

Secondary Objectives:

  1. The website should be designed to be search engine friendly and to encourage repeat traffic.
  2. The website should have a viral marketing incorporated in it to encourage visitors to make a recommendation of the products, services or Web site to others.
  3. Also, the website should enable visitors to stay longer on them.
  4. The website should be able to encourage interest about your business, products, and services.
  5. The website should convert visitors into potential customers.
  6. Also, the website should have incorporated e-mail marketing that will convert potential customers into buyers.

Layer 2: Technical Options

When you establish the first layer, you can start establishing the technical layer of your business blog. You must base this layer on the objectives that your blog must achieve. When we talk about the technical layer you need to decide about these questions:

  1. Which blogging platform you will use?
  2. Do you need to have static or dynamic home page?
  3. What design will you use for your blog?
  4. Or, what graphics will you use?
  5. What plug-in will you use?

There are too many blogging platforms from which you can choose one for your blog, but my preference is a WordPress platform that is easy to install, personalize and use. When we talk about the blog, then it is logical that we build a dynamic website for our business. But, if you use a blog platform for both static website and blog content then you have possibilities to set up the home page to look like a static web page and to have a blog tab where each visitor can access the blog posts.

If you choose a WordPress blog platform, then we can choose different WordPress themes to build your business blog. With a little customization, you can make an impressive look at your new business blog.

When you choose the theme, another thing that must be decided in this layer is graphics and plugins that will be used. Plugins are additional elements that can add additional features to your websites.

Layer 3: The Content

The third layer and most important layer is the content of the blog. Content is a King! Yes, the content layer is something that can bring back visitors that can be transformed into buyers for your business. The question that must be answered here is about what you will write on your business blog?

In the previous post named 10 Blog Topics that You can Blog for Your Business, I give the following ideas for your business blog:

  1. Blog about your products or services.
  2. Blog about your industry.
  3. Or, blog about your expertise.
  4. Blog about the experience of satisfied customers.
  5. Blog about customer problems.
  6. Video presentations.
  7. Blog about results from surveys.
  8. Blog about current events.
  9. Answer questions from comments.
  10. General blogging.

You can also read and use 100+ blog post ideas for your small business blog.

Layer 4: Marketing

This layer is all about the marketing function of your business blog. All previous layers help in building this layer with the following elements required for a successful business blog:

  • Reputation. Blogs are excellent tools for building good entrepreneurial and business reputation. This element is a part of differentiating your business from competitors. The reputation is a simple opinion of a person, group or organization that has about you or your business.
  • Credibility. Credibility is the belief of someone that you have expertise and knowledge and can be a trustworthy person to do business with you. If you use the blog in the right way, you can build great credibility for you as an entrepreneur and your business.
  • Branding. The perfect place for building a strong, recognizable brand for your business is your business blog. Each blog post must have something that will communicate your personal and business brand to the visitors and readers of your blog posts.
  • Connection. Your blog will connect you with too many individuals and businesses that can become your customers or your business partners.
  • Relationship. One possibility of a blog is making good relationship with visitors and readers. Comments option is something that can build this relationship easy for every business.
  • Viral element. Blog posts are viral, and each post can be sent to a friend. Good blog posts will be viewed from a big number of potential customers.

Layer 5: Business

Let’s be real for a moment. The purpose of every business blog is to do business with potential customers. Because of that, the last thing in the development of your business blog is adding the business character. Your business sells something, and the purpose is to increase your sales numbers. Because of that, your business blog must include the following possibilities:

  • Make people easily to contact you.
  • Present products and services in the form of customer’s benefits.
  • How can they buy the products and services?
  • Customer service and support.