Pre-startup and Startup Stage for Your Next Big Thing

You have ideas about your next big thing. But, you need to do many things in order to make it real. According to my experience, each startup process has two stages: the pre-startup and startup stages.

The first stage is a pre-startup stage, or as I also want to name it as a stage for your preparation to build a startup. This stage is also important as a second stage because many things in the second stage will depend exactly on the pre-startup stage. For example, the mistakes that will be made inside this stage will impact the results you will achieve in the startup stage.

The next stage is a simple startup stage that is the only stage practiced by prospective entrepreneurs in many cases. But, this doesn’t seem right and needs to be changed if they want to succeed as entrepreneurs. So, you will have many startup challenges that you will need to solve.

The Concept of Business Potential Energy

If you read this site regularly, you have probably already heard about the concept of business potential energy. This concept was developed by myself for seven years. I have written about the concept many times in the startup days of entrepreneurship in a box.

Generally, the concept of business potential energy is based on the physics and theory of energy. Business potential energy is stored as energy into the company or startup, or something still non-existing as an entity. Still, this energy doesn’t give results for the company until this energy isn’t transformed into kinetic energy. For example, business ideas are an element with a high level of business potential energy. Still, this energy will become a successful result for the company only when you implement it.

business potential energy - pre-startup and startup

So, this concept continues to evolve and develop over time as I bring additional experience working with different types of small and medium-sized companies and startups.

The Pre-Startup Stages of Your Next Big Thing

In this case, the pre-startup stage is something that you are doing to increase your business potential energy. Later, you will transform this energy into kinetic energy. The transformation will happen when you come to the startup stage and the following stages of the development of your company.

What are you doing in the pre-startup stage?

In the pre-startup stage, you are building your next big thing and the business model. This business model will need to support you in delivering that big thing and not delivering to anyone but your ideal customers. They are the most important persons you’ll need to produce at your pre-startup stage.

Think about this as a production process that starts processing and producing three types of products/outputs – products or services, business model, and customers for that products and services. But, one important thing is that you will need to change your process several times. These changes are called pivoting in the pre-startup stage. You will pivot until you become able to produce the outputs you and your future customers want.

This pre-startup stage is more related to planning, designing, experimenting, and changing. That is your job as a potential entrepreneur.

pre-startup stage doing

The Startup Stage of Your Next Big Thing

So, you have developed your products and services, you have developed the most sustainable business model in the world. Also, you have developed your customers, and you already have some of them taking orders from you. Now is the right time to proceed at the next level that is a startup stage.

What Do You Need to Do at the Startup Stage of Your New Business?

The question is, what are you doing at this stage? Now, you start building your company because you are sure that you have the highest possible business potential energy. What does it mean?

  • Simply, you are connecting the dots designed at your business model making all resources available.
  • You are building and increasing your customer base.
  • Also, you continue with experimenting, testing and changing your business model, products or services, and customers.
  • You start building systems that will support normal functioning of the business model.

These are the most important things when you are in the startup stage.

In the next posts, I will write separately about the business potential energy of these two critical stages of your next big thing – building and creating a successful company.

Dragan Sutevski

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