Here is How to Get Your Business Ready for the Future

With a little planning, enterprises in the area can look forward to a brighter, more prosperous year. From redesigning the workspace, bringing finances to shore up staffing, with a little polish, you can make your next year the best year yet. You need to get your business ready for the future.

Business owners spend more time at work than they do at home, especially in areas like Richmond, Virginia, where commerce is king. Richmond is strategically located on the fall line of the James River, making it a pivot access point for other cities such as Williamsburg, Charlottesville, and Washington, D.C.

Upgrade Your Workspace to Make Your Business Ready for the Future

The business decor says a lot about the people who work there, according to Forbes. This might be the year for a full remodel to give the business a posh, contemporary look. Companies that have a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing workspace tend to have better performance as a whole. If refurbishing is not an option right now, plan on a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning.

Get everyone in the mood by putting your cleanup days on the schedule. Plan a complete disposal and makeover day. Look at local Virginia options for removal equipment such as Next Day Dumpsters, a mobile dumpster rental service. Your employees can help throw away unneeded items inside and around the workplace. While you are at it, encourage the staff to add personal touches around their desks and workspaces to brighten their moods.

Freshen Up Your Supplies, Too

Look for a supply company specific to your needs instead of buying generic. For example, restaurant owners might investigate the Cavalier Restaurant Equipment company on Agency Ave. in Richmond. You don’t have to make big changes if the budget is tight. Beauty salons can get inventory upgrades from Sally Beauty Supply on Broad. It’s money you have to spend anyway, so why not change things up instead of buying the same old tired stock.

Get Your Finances in Order to Make Your Business Ready for the Future

Money is always a focus going into a new year. A report by Fidelity Investments shows that 54 percent of consumers put “improving my finances” at the top of their resolutions for 2014. Putting your business finances in order will give you peace of mind as you go into a new season, as well.

With a new year, and tax deadline coming just around the corner, start brainstorming as soon as possible. Don’t focus on the things you do anyway, like getting your documents and receipts in order for filing. Instead, look for ways to make next year easier. Review your receipt filing system, for example. Is stuffing all your turnpike toll receipts in the glove compartment really the best approach? Try cutting the top off an accordion folder and putting it in an accessible position like between the seats or in the console. This way you can slide the slips of paper into the front slot while driving, then refile them in a categorized slot before leaving the vehicle. Put toll receipts in one pocket and gas in another.

Shape Up the Staff

Do your part by finding ways to improve your staff’s lifestyle. This may include providing memberships at a local gym as a New Year’s bonus. Other ideas to buff up the employees include:

  • Bringing in a chef to give healthy cooking classes
  • Putting workout equipment in the back for everyone to use
  • Sponsoring an after-hours yoga class

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that everyone, including businesses, is responsible for creating a healthier nation with healthy lifestyle promotion. Encouraging your employees to live better has advantages for the business as well. Fewer workplace injuries, less time out, and improved overall morale will make it worthwhile.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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