What are Customer’s Expectations From You and Your Business

What customers really expect from you and your company? If you succeed in answering this question in the right way and then deliver and over deliver that expectations to your customers, you will be very close to succeeding as an entrepreneur or a business as a whole.

The time in which today’s businesses operate simply requires a continuous search for the right answers to this question.

Here, I would like to talk about some little but powerful ideas that can help you in finding the right answers to this question. But, as a first, you must understand that you can use all these ideas and test them with your own customers immediately, or simply you can start using some of them.

Also, you can add your own ideas that I have not listed here and that comes directly from your customers. So, don’t limit yourself to the ideas you can read here, be flexible about accepting ideas and completely inflexible in testing and implementation of the ideas.

Expectation 1: To solve the problem for which he came to you.

Expectation 2: Be someone who will always assist them.

Expectation 3: Respect from all employees in your company.

Expectation 4: Courtesy from all employees in your company.

Expectation 5: Smile by all employees in your company.

Expectation 6: Kindness by all employees in your company.

Expectation 7: You, your employees and your business to be someone they can trust.

Expectation 8: To be encouraged when they are buying something from you.

Expectation 9: You and your employees to be honest with them even you think that you should not be completely honest.

Expectation 10 To fulfill all promises regarding value delivery.

Expectation 11: Something more than normal or standard expectations.

Expectation 12: Indispensable service and serving.

Expectation 13: Your own, your business team’s, and your business as overall adjustment according to their own specifics.

Expectation 14: Loyalty by you if you want to be loyal to you.

Expectation 15: To know them really good.

As you can see, in this list you have 15 ideas most of which fall outside the essential value that you offer to your customers, but also important for your customers so they must be considered and included in your overall offer. Therefore, as the last thing, I can propose you to:

  • Know your customers,
  • Understand their needs and expectations,
  • Deliver everything that will satisfy their needs and
  • Simply, always work on surpassing their current expectations.
Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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