Your Most Important Work Doesn’t Happen at Your Office

Your office probably still is one of the most important parts of your work, but in today’s business world obviously, the meaning of the office simply decrease. So, your most important work doesn’t happen at your office.

Technology development as the internet, cloud-based solutions, and social media tools simply make you and whole your business team more and more mobile. That’s the fact. But, you don’t only receive mobility; you can also experience more productivity.

most important work

Why do I think that your most important work doesn’t happen at your office anymore, or probably in the future will not require from you to have a physical office on proper avenue?

Let’s see some answers on this questions.

1. Your customers are your most important work and they are outside your office.

Yes, your customers most of their time are outside your office. Probably some of them will come to you, talk and then they will leave your office. Why you will want to spend the most of your time into the office? As an entrepreneur, you will need to talk to your customers, you need to be close to them as much as possible. So, go outside your office and do the work that matter to you and your customers, because it only can be done outside your physical office.

2. Your suppliers are outside your office.

The same as your customers if you have suppliers, they are outside your office. The type of relationship you will gain with your suppliers will have the high effect on enabling successful material flow in your company. So, again, go outside, and talk with your suppliers, build the strong relationship with them.

3. Not all your business processes are established inside your offices.

Today, business processes don’t need to be exclusively at your premises. You can have some of them at your premises and your office, but the large part simply can be outside your office. For example, the communication process can be done from everywhere and it is not required for you to be at your office to have a meeting with employees, customers, partners… You can do these types of activities from everywhere where you are.

4. You and your employees have different tools that will enable remote control on the large part of jobs that will need to be done in your company.

It is true. Today, you don’t need millions of dollars to implement remote work in your company. You need only strong willingness to be an as much as possible more productive person. So, often you don’t need to be in your office.

5. Today it is more about the value that your company is shipping to your customers, and it doesn’t meter where the value is created.

Your customers will value what you have shipped to them. They will never value where your products or services are developed, designed, or produced. They will never value where your offer will be created and who will work on the creation of your offer. So, focus yourself on what’s really matter to your customers.

Question: What are you thinking about the possibilities of transferring some of your business processes in your physical office at the virtual office?

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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