Think Outside the Box If You Want to Be on the Top

If you want to innovate, you will need to be a creative person. If you want to be the creative person you will need to start to see and think different which means outside the box of your company, your market, and your industry.

You are an entrepreneur and it automatically means you are a person who thinks differently. A person who sees different things than others and person who do different things than others. That’s from where your success comes from.

It’s the only thing that you need to be if you want to stay on top of your market or your industry. You are bringing and implementing change everywhere around you. If you want to be what you want to be, you will need to always think outside the box.

So, you have really big challenges. You need to innovate new products and services. You need to innovate new business models that will support innovations in products and services. You need to innovate totally new business processes that will support the newly innovated business model.

So how you can think outside the box? Or, better are you a person who thinks outside the box?

I want to share 12 simple indicators that will help you to check your own behavior in order to see whether you are the person who practically implements thinking outside the box.

So, here are that 12 indicators that define a totally differently entrepreneurial thinker:

  1. You are using rules and procedures only in cases that increase the productivity of your company and add value to your current and potential customers.
  2. You are an experimenter as a first, then learner as a second and implementor of what you have learned as a third.
  3. You want to try different things without fear that you will lose something.
  4. You appreciate the power of creative thinking because you know that it will help your company.
  5. You are allowing free flow of new ideas from everywhere in your company.
  6. You are open for any new ideas despite from where they come.
  7. You look outside your industry or market to discover possible new ideas that can be implemented in your industry and market by your company.
  8. You always look at current products and services and always think that there are possibilities for improvements.
  9. You are not a perfectionist, only in cases when you really need perfection.
  10. You know how to mix totally different things creating new services from current products and developing new products from current services.
  11. You want to read and learn different things that aren’t related to your products or services, your company, market or industry.
  12. You always share your ideas with the crowd that enables you to make drastically improvement of your initial ideas.
Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

Dragan Sutevski is a founder and CEO of Sutevski Consulting, creating business excellence through innovative thinking. Get more from Dragan on Twitter. Contact Dragan